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    Too pricey?

    For a buck I would go with papered, I made the mistake with taking an unreg buck now, am changing over because it is too limiting. I would still buy a nice unreg doe but not a buck, remember your buck is half your herd's genetics. :old
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    Advice needed prior to purchasing a LGD

    I'll take a stab at your questions. Southern has been such a valuable source of information and support to me and my two Pyrs so I hope I don't contradict anything she advises here. First of all, I love the Great Pyr breed with children, I have 4 kids under 7, and they have grown up around the...
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    My plans for my herd....

    sounds like a good plan...other than the "little herd" and selling doelings...good luck...its impossible to not keep those adorable little kids. :p
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    my first kidding thread - Update! Triplets!

    Gorgeous big babies! Way to go mama! Congrats. :)
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    Found my Gold & White Doeling

    ooooh....that would be a tough choice Silly Chicken...they are gorgeous!:love I love the outline eye patch on the one on the sweet.
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    It's all over with Ginger's kidding.

    Hopefully we will see some Ginger babies tomorrow!:pop
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    Boer Kid Not Herself - Fast Heart Rate

    oh that temp is telling isn't it....sounds like you are on the right course. not sure on the needle size, I would think smaller would be easier, goats are pretty sensitive with injections.
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    Boer Kid Not Herself - Fast Heart Rate

    I have also had good luck with this recipe in treating scours and buying time against the cocci bug. Worth making even if you don't have the slippery elm although it coats the tummy and settles it, but the other herbs in the tea stop the really does work. You can try: 1 tea...
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    Boer Kid Not Herself - Fast Heart Rate

    Yup, while you are there get the prevention cocci additive. Taken from Fiasco Farms website: "After some research, I found that, though many people use Corid (amprolium), but it dose not work as well as Sulmet (sodium sulfamethazine) or Albon (sulfadimethoxine). I decided to try Sulmet 12.5%...
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    Boer Kid Not Herself - Fast Heart Rate

    how are her poops? temp?I would just give homo milk with some probiotics or full-fat plain yogurt mixed in. lots of people have troubles with kid milk replacer and find regular milk is much easier on their tummies, you don't need the condensed milk with is the pricey part. I would also be...
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    Found my Gold & White Doeling

    Well she's going to be bred to my new buckling eventually...gotta be patient and wait sooo long before I see those babies though. Will be quite a surprise what they will end up producing.
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    Found my Gold & White Doeling

    Great looking buckling SA Farm...what herd is your buckling from? they would make beautiful babies! I love goat babies and discovering what the breedings produce...kidding is better than Christmas in my books! (unless my Christmas present is a barn so I can have more goats - lol!):plbb
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    Predicting Goat Kidding -- My latest article

    As I wait for two to kid....this applies completely!
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    Found my Gold & White Doeling

    I have been on the prowl for a registered sweet gold & white Nigerian doeling and today we found her! Now we just have to wait for her to be weaned, which is going to be sooo hard. We chose the name Saffron Spice, so full name will be Happy Hoof's Saffron Spice. Our first goat this year we...