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  • Hi Kim, I trust that you are well?

    Hope you are sitting comfortably - Go Tigers!
    Well the weak chick died last night. I put a lot of effort into helping it live but it wasn't meant to be and it was a relief not to have to keep spending that time on it, although I couldn't give up until it did. The other one seems to be doing well but not bonded with Daisy, just using her for warmth.
    Hi Kim
    It was a long night but chicks are still alive and the weak one is looking a little brighter. My brain is too addled to figure out how to get to our Conversation(PM) page so just a quick update here. One is eating crumbled up dried meal worms but still not taken to the chick crumbles, wet or dry. I still haven't seen the other one eat.
    Daisy wolfed off all the scrambled egg (2 eggs worth so that will be a stinky broody poop tomorrow!!) but was clucking to them with the meal worms and trying to encourage them. They are more confident snuggling under her now and climbing up through her feathers to pop out on her back... so cute
    Chicks are still alive and I think Daisy is starting to bond wth them. One is still desperateto b out of the crate but definitely less stressed and I've seen it pecking around in the soil I put in there where I scattered meal worms.
    Hi Kim
    I'm struggling to get to grips with this site. I tried to remember how to post a message here to reply to you, but I seem to have opened a "conversation" (whatever that is) instead. Not sure how you access it or if I even sent it but there are 3 messages on it from me now X
    Hi Kim. I made it here eventually! Despite my best efforts I am destined to have chicks after all....just adopted 2 tiny orphaned pheasant chicks at 10pm tonight and grafted them onto Daisy one of my broody pekins.... so much for downsizing! Keeping fingers crossed she accepts them in the cold light of day.

    Best wishes

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