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  1. Poupoulles

    coccidiosis in pigs- transfer to chickens?

    Hi, I just got two little feeder pigs and one turned out to have coccidiosis. She is being treated, but I need to know about transference to poultry. I move my pigs around to root and fertilize parts of the orchard. Once they are parasite clear, and on fresh pasture, they should be ok since they...
  2. Poupoulles

    Hey!!! Pig People!!! how many are there of us?

    We raise two feeders a year and sell at farmers markets.
  3. Poupoulles

    Anyone got any Pig Tips for a newbie 4Her?

    We raised two pigs in a pen of hog panels and a house made of pallets with hog panels hooped over with a tarp as a roof. We moved the house and pen about once a week and let them rip up our garden. Not sure you could do a 4H this way but it worked for us and was a lot of fun. The hogs ended up...
  4. Poupoulles

    Little Piggy

    She's a big ole girl... My oh my... Queen sized!
  5. Poupoulles

    starting out with feeder pigs

    Just wanted to update myself and say that this has all worked out a treat!! They love their house, we have a completely torn up garden, they only escaped during the move once and I just led them to the apple tree to eat fallen apples until we were ready to shoo them back... Through a series of...
  6. Poupoulles

    Pasturing pigs?

    I needed my two feeders to dig up my garden, so I made a pen out of hog panels and I move it every three weeks or so (every two now) and it has worked like a charm. T posts at each corner, and one in the middle of certain sections, if the ground is uneven for example. Hog panels are the only...
  7. Poupoulles

    processing questions

    Well Beavis and Butthead are now big and ready to go to the processor on Dec 6th. They will be about 5 months old, and my GUESS is that they will weigh about 170lbs. Butthead is a little smaller than Beavis- she is more aggressive and just a big ole girl! I heard processing a female hog in heat...
  8. Poupoulles

    Najde sheep / New pic

    Wow!!! What fantastic looking sheep. They look like they can live on nothing...
  9. Poupoulles

    starting out with feeder pigs

    So an update: today we moved them for the first time. The plan is to move them everytime they completely tear up a plot, we then move them to the next. By freezer camp time they will have torn up our whole garden. So far so good. They went crazy in the new plot. All I heard was munch munch...
  10. Poupoulles

    two medical type questions

    Actually I think they are six weeks...
  11. Poupoulles

    two medical type questions

    They are nine weeks- Butthead isnt castrated. I saw another post just like this but if I am not doing the cutting do I call my vet? The guy who sold them to us was going to come by and do it but havent heard from him so I need to make sure of plan B. same guy said to give them a second dose of...
  12. Poupoulles

    starting out with feeder pigs

    They wont sleep in the magnificent pig palace I sweated and bled to build them. Will they know to go in it when it rains, or gets cold? Do I need to keep them in there for a few days? Really annoying!
  13. Poupoulles

    North Carolina

    I'm outside Mount Airy. About forty minutes north of Winston-Salem.
  14. Poupoulles

    Rooting question

    :D We got two feeder pigs specifically to root up the garden. So we will be moving them every few weeks until they have turned the whole thing! I am sick of rototilling with all the weeds catching in the tines, the rocks flying out, arms going numb... The pigs are not onlly doing this annoying...
  15. Poupoulles

    starting out with feeder pigs

    Here they are!! Beavis and Butthead! Beavis has a nice belt but Butthead is offbelt (doesnt matter since we are taking both to the butcher)
  16. Poupoulles

    starting out with feeder pigs

    So after some delay, we are picking up our little feeders tomorrow. We built them a moveable house and they will till up the veg garden, get to root, and eat all the weeds, leftover produce etc... I built a three sided hoop house using pallets, hog panels and a stury tarp. Its tall enough for me...
  17. Poupoulles

    feeding meat to pigs

    thank you so much for the answers. i dont mind following other people's wisdom, but I also like to know why. And now I know! So I will not panic if a few scraps of cooked meat go into the hog pen, but wont give them anything raw. I have plenty of veg scraps and plan on taking all the discard...
  18. Poupoulles

    feeding meat to pigs

    Total hog novice here so please keep the snark to a minimum. I am genuinely curious about this. We are picking up our first feeder pigs this week and I have some questions. Everything I have read says not to feed meat to pigs. What I am trying to figure out is why? Arent they omnivores? And...
  19. Poupoulles

    I want a pig! Any breed suggestions?

    Well maybe he didnt post a reply but I will: I am thinking about raising a couple of feeder pigs for our family to eat what breed (never raised pigs before) what kind of fencing/enclosure? how much room per pig? what kind of house do they need? Could use suggestions for something small...
  20. Poupoulles

    hair sheep breeds

    Which breed is best as a "starter sheep" for someone who has never raised sheep at all? Is there such a thing as a hair sheep that has a nice carcass and can also make a little milk? Is there a cross we should try for with that goal in mind?