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  1. GrassFarmerGalloway

    Goat with fractured leg.

    At least, that's what I think happened. She got it trying to jump the fence, and I walked out to find Millie running around the barn, not putting any weight on her leg. Localized swelling and tenderness and not putting any weight on it whatsoever, she will not tolerate me even brushing her...
  2. GrassFarmerGalloway

    My goat is being TOO friendly. Help!

    I have a goat named Marshall, he's a saanen, which I know are genetically a more people-oriented breed. But he's really crossed a line. I love being able to sit down in the goat pen and watch my goats eat, have them stand by me while I scratch their foreheads, etc, but he's getting more and...
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    And once again...

    Good point. :3
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    Mine like comfrey. It's a good source of protein.
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    Goats will eat anything. Yes, they like apples. :P
  6. GrassFarmerGalloway

    little cows on the side?

    It means that they are watching you.
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    And once again...

    I have appeared out of nowhere. I figured this would be best placed in the announcements forum, as I am such an incredibly important person I figured the entire world would want to hear about me! :D I apologize for my lack of activity, there has been an incredible amount of hardship in my...
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    Camel for sale in northern NY (new pics)

    Camel? Wow, I've never heard of a camel farmer before! :D
  9. GrassFarmerGalloway

    Great diet!

    This kind of reminds me of the 'here's your sign' jokes!
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    OK... Some goat troubles.

    Hi, everyone! My two new goats, Milly and Marshall, are both settled in well and growing bigger. They're both little darlings, but they have it in their heads now that they want to play with me, (aka, jump on my lap, headbutt me, wrestling...). How do I stop this? Also, my Saanen wether...
  11. GrassFarmerGalloway

    Late baby

    We have a new baby on the farm! A dun bull, courtesy of our prize cow, Valenteen! This is Val's first calf on her own. Her first two years she lost calves to the cold, the third we had to help her nurse the baby, but this year, we walked into the field, and there he was, healthy and happy...
  12. GrassFarmerGalloway

    Look at this face....(pic)

    Hey, I know that look! It's the I-want-to-eat-your-face look. I get it all the time. Lean in too close and your hair will be shorter than usual. :lol: Very cute goat!
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    Good Morning!--Chat thread

    Hello, people! Long time no see! My update will be short (I'm learning to play the guitar and my fingers hurt). But now that things have settled down a lot, I'll be on more. :) To thewife: Relatives? :th New bungees? Awesome! I cleaned out my Dad's shop as a present. Or... At least I...
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    Our pasture grass isn't doing well...

    Droughts are always hard on pastures. It might come down to corralling the cows and feeding them hay during the summer so the pasture won't be beaten down anymore, just until the rains return and things green up and grow up. That's what I would do, I have no clue on your current situation and...
  15. GrassFarmerGalloway

    Newbie question about staking out goats

    I agree with you. It's dangerous to stake a goat, they strangle themselves SO easily. I tried it once, came back two minutes later (literally) and my goats were bleating their heads off, tangled in their own leashes. I just let mine run free. They follow me like well-trained puppies, and I...
  16. GrassFarmerGalloway

    To collar or to NOT collar?

    Mine are collared, and they're both fine. Then again, neither of my goats have horns. And I watch them like a HAWK whenever I let them run.
  17. GrassFarmerGalloway

    Bedding for dairy goats-shavings vs. straw?

    Shavings hands down. Straw/hay as bedding packs and becomes an annoyingly impenetrable mass. Pine shavings are what I use, and they work quite nicely.