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    Coffee anyone ?

    @thistlebloom you are breaking ice already??? Come to think of it I did hear some real cold way NW of here. I'm shivering for you! About a yr ago I got a notice of a class action case against a MTG co I had originated my mtg thru. Yeah, ok....have fun. Today I got a check for $182 and...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    @promiseacres -- I'm with you. Never been a breakfast eater. Now, I find I need to eat, so do but -- hate to fix it. I tend to heat leftovers from night before Or...when I cook, do extra to reheat. Sausage/bacon easy with an English muffin toasted. Prefer leftovers to heat. My mom used...
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    How To Make Hay Stretch

    One of the issues for all farmers --- WEATHER! May get one cutting, or three. May get late cut, not great hay. Flood, drought, equipment issues, etc. So you do not know what you will get UNTIL you get it. Then, soon as hay buyers hear of the problems of harvest, they buy what is out...
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    Meet Pearl, New Horse

    MANE I swear I typed MANE not name.....darned auto correct on Ipad! It's not a horse oriented appliance. :D =D
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    A new dog

    She's lovely!!
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    1st time slaughtering a sheep ram

    Yeah, I'm old too -- so it's good to teach the youngsters. :old As to sharp, I keep a supply of razor blades for any cuts. I've had to lance or trim up cuts, etc. Have cut myself a few times and don't feel it until the blood runs. Important to be calm & quick. For the cut you use. A...
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    Meet Pearl, New Horse

    Oh I believe the color....still have a dozen of them. The old guy is buckskin & min pinto..three dots of brown & tiny white on coronet but can throw some great tobiano. I had a dapple mare on show one year and at trainers I commented how nice a horse she was and what great color! Who owns...
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    Meet Pearl, New Horse

    Both are beautiful animals. Love the name on the white. Bay you might try adding beet pulp to Pearl's grains. It's known to help keep weight on them. Most Sr feeds have it in there. My old guy stays slick with his sr feed. Worth a try.
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    Small starts big dreams

    You can see by my location, I'm East coast. give us a hint by adding something in your profile location. I mean -- East Coast is not FL weather to way cold up north! Big difference in climes and what can be done. I'm sorta the middle -- VA. As to your chicken feed -- you can produce a...
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    Lunatic Buck Behavior Advice Needed

    Pretty much the same advice. Either leave them together, until -- or separate every one and watch for the tail & tongue wagging. You know, boys are just not dependable in rut!!
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    Coffee anyone ?

    SNOW -- there's that bad (for me) word. 😁 The word and the white stuff is appearing in places some of our members inhabit. Ok, I don't even visit there.....try to stay far enough South to not have much of it. Just not a fan. Sure beautiful to see but, other in than my back yard for...
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    1st time slaughtering a sheep ram

    Nice description of a not always nice job....emotionally. Glad you brought out the super sharp knife and carotid info, as that is the key to a fast and humane end.
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    rachels.haven's Journal

    So why are you in your current location? Raised in area, job location, etc? Yeah, moving is a major life change for many -- especially if far, not just other side of town. But you may have a talk with DH and see if job elsewhere is an option for him and plan from there. Might be a good...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Another day of sunshine and mild temps. Light fog. Was heavy last two days but clears quick with daybreak. Real wet grass early! I've had open widows for a few weeks -- that time of year -- so, last night, rather suddenly, I got this ugly odor coming in. At first I thought smoldering swamp...
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    Sheba-A Marvelous Gift

    Love the spotted lambs. Which is a ewe -- mostly black?
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Hope you feel better & get to ride. Sometimes lack of sleep makes you feel badly -- maybe you just need sleep!! Yeah, one of those skunks looked like it was wearing a white cape. Mostly black legs and little snip of black on top of head. Pretty neat. I've apparently got this genetic in...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    We are all anticipating weather may be better than you think. Just hope. All we can do, really. Most of mine will kid in March...a little later than before but when grass is coming on good here and warmer! Then, after all my plans, I realized it's my busy time at work. :th...
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    New guy

    We're just looking out for ya! :hugs:cool: Indeed, all three of them will be happy. Plus, freezer fill on the way. Yum!
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Here I am -- up too early again. Yep. Since 3:30. That early to bed thing....not good! Coffee is hot, help yourself. And it's a mere 38 on my back porch :rolleyes: they say mid 60s today. Well that's ok but upper 70s all week sounds better! I made some awesome meatballs for...
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    MuldrowHomeFarm-Our journey into Farming (little did we know this is where we were going....)

    I really like the pup in the 2nd pic. Nice face. But we are waaaay far apart.