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    I plan feeding mine grass, fruits and mixed concentrates. That way, they get a balanced diet and grow faster.
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    Is my bunny lonely?

    of course this is possible, but they will soon adapt after some time.
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    12 week bunny squeaks and thumps

    For small breeds, the optimal mating age is 5 months for does and 6 for buck. For medium breeds, it is 6 for does and 7 for bucks. And for large breeds, it is 8 for does and 9 for bucks.
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    Do female rabbits EVER get along?!

    In commercial setting, males and females are housed together, but the males are neutered, not the females. To house the rabbits, you don't need acres of land. I think 1m2 per rabbit is more than enough for rabbits meant for slaughter. But as for breeders, they are normally housed individually so...
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    Handling rabbits Do's and Don'ts!

    I agree with you. I see some people lifting rabbits only by the ear. That also is wrong.
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    How much hay do I need?

    Love this thread. Especially that answer by sheepgirl.
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    Beyond cute !

    Ya, he/she is cute.
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    wire nesting box

    I'd say that such nesting box are the best. They allow urine to drain off.
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    wire nesting box

    I'd say that such nesting box are the best. They allow urine to drain off.
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    Doe "Faints" While Breeding

    Not seen this before. Or was it the buck dragging her down with him.
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    Lesson Learned

    That is typical of rabbits. Most time, they won't accept the male when pragnant.
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    Troubled Pregnancy: Watchful Waiting?

    I just hope the moma would be able to feed them all. Good luck!
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    LGD Killed Lamb - What to do now?

    It was an accident right? We'll like to know how it happen - whether during play or not. I have a dog that trampled 3 chicks to death in a play.
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    mysunwolf's Kindling Thread

    Wow, they really look good at 2 weeks. You can start weighing them if you like. The earlier the better.
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    Ideas on ways to handle food agression?

    Feed the dogs in a separate enclosure. Don't allow the dogs to learn aggression against the goats they are to protect.
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    Electric fence DVD. Free

    Thanks for the info.
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    Heavy Hairloss in ND Doe

    Could it be mange? Can goats have mange? A picture would help.
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    Chicken feed and Meat Rabbits

    I don't think that would be a problem so far as it is not in excess. Layer mash is high in calcium and excess Ca can lead to urinal calculi.