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  1. Bird_Lover_17

    Horse trail riding?

    Just curious, does anyone have any tips for horse trail riding/ horse camping? :)
  2. Bird_Lover_17

    Western Riding

    Hello! If you click on this link, you will get to see my thread (on BYC) when I was thinking about horses. I have been watching a lot of youtube videos on Enlgish and Western riding. As a child, I remember enjoying western more (when I went horseback riding). Anyways, back to the youtube part...
  3. Bird_Lover_17

    Looking into horses

    Hi. I am looking into horses. I have a thread like this on BYC. Other than spending months learning hands-on with horses, I'm wondering what you peeps on BYH have as advice. Thanks! :celebrate
  4. Bird_Lover_17

    New member, came from BYC

    Hi. I am new to BYH and I have only been on BYC. I was looking up info on horses and someone suggested this website, so here I am! My username is the same on backyard chickens. I am from upstate new york and I own quail, chickens and goats. My goats are 2 nigerian dwarf goats who are 2 years...