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  1. BSue

    1st time slaughtering a sheep ram

    So we have a ram that is about 3 years old and we are going to slaughter him soon. I've been looking through the forums and see that the majority of animals get sent off for slaughtering. I wish that was an option here. I've also seen that many use guns, we don't own a gun. So I've decided that...
  2. BSue

    Is she miscarrying?

    This ewe has been with a ram since January. I've been waiting to see signs of a pregnancy but nothing so far. Then yesterday I see some dried blood on her vulva. Again today I see a little bit but nothing major. She is eating and acting normal. Could this be a sign of a miscarriage?
  3. BSue

    Weeks away from lambing? Maybe not!

    Okay, so I recently joined the forum today! Yay! :welcome Because I wanted to ask your advice on something. According to my guesstimate, my ewe Esther is a minimum three weeks away from lambing. Her udders are ssslllllooooowwwllllyyy bagging up. But today I noticed some significant change in...
  4. BSue

    Living the ExPat Life!

    Hi everyone! Greetings from Ecuador! I learned about BYHerds from a sister site, BYChickens. So among all the chickens that we have, we have two sheep. Don’t ask me what breed they are, no clue, maybe you can help me with that. I love learning how different animals are supposed to be cared for...