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    A free [good-quality] rabbit pedigree maker?

    Check out It is an online database. We use it to manage our rabbitry and it tracks pedigrees. It is not nearly as expensive as other software.
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    Which breed?

    I will jump in with Beachbunny on American Chinchillas. We started our meat operation a few years back with a variety of breeds. We now only have American Chinchillas for meat. Even the mixes we were keeping were more than 75% Am Chin. As for 5lbs at 8 weeks, we never come close to that...
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    Getting discouraged...

    In our experience, problems with a doe getting pregnant are most commonly associated with the doe being too fat. We put fat does on a hay only diet for a few weeks. I have culled some that had excessive fat built up inside and 1 that appeared to have cystic ovaries.
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    First winter with outdoor meat rabbits...questions!

    We have been keeping meat rabbits in outdoor change in CT for a few years now. We have had a number of nights below zero here this winter. We added tarps to front of cages that showed signs of snow blowing in. Otherwise, the cages are 3 sided with wire bottoms. We do have thin plywood boards...
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    La Mancha ears, the cold, and other such questions

    We have Lamanchas and Oberhaslis. My Lamancha herd sire almost meets the Oberhasli breed standards. Regarding the disbudding, it is simple for us - you can't show a horned dairy goat, so we disbud. And we disbud every kid, regardless of their fate. If I decide to grow one out for meat, then...
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    Many butchers will hang pork or beef for a week or longer prior to cutting. As long as the fridge is good and cold, I would worry more about the meat drying out. I don't have any scientific evidence, but I would say 5-7 days as long as it doesn't get dry.
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    New Breeding Stock- does litter size count

    Yes, litter size matters. We breed American Chinchillas (and mixes thereof) for meat. I know of a different breeder about 2 hours away that breeds for show and not for meat. He specifically breeds for small litters so they grow out fast with less competition and fewer culls to deal with. We...
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    Multi-species bulk feed

    We have considered fodder, and my wife is planning to set up a system to try for the rabbits. However, space and workload becomes a problem. We are usually feeding 6 milking does, plus another 6-8 dry stock (bucks, yearlings) for our goats. We have about 35 rabbits right now, but that number...
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    WTB - Dutch does

    We live in Eastern CT. Looking for 1-2 show quality Dutch does to add to our rabbitry. Might be willing to travel a few hours for the right one.
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    MY SWINE feeding plan

    Do you really mean hand feed? We are taking our first pigs to slaughter this weekend. I would never hand feed a pig. As for the feeding plan, I would do more level feed plan across the entire growth. If they are used to a higher quantity and you slow it down, it might not work the way you...
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    Multi-species bulk feed

    We have been experimenting with organic/GMO free feed on our farm. It is definitely expensive and staying in control of costs is vital to making a profit. For a couple of years now, I have been considering purchasing 1 or 2 bulk feed bins to use through the summer when our consumption is the...
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    Is there any profit?

    The answer is definitely - it depends. We live in Eastern CT where the market is large and varied. Pork - yes, I can make a profit. Rabbits - no. Chickens - yes. Veal - yes (requires having dairy goats on organic feed).
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    Countryside feed

    Since switching back to commercial feed, the rabbits have stopped dying and started eating again. I still believe something was related to the feed.
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    Countryside feed

    The results of the necropsy was somewhat inconclusive. It identified baterial infection as the most likely cause of death, however, the vet noted it was unclear what the source of the various bacteria may have been and couldn't explain how a bacterial infection would break out through the entire...
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    Our rabbits are dying!

    Actually, we harvest all organs for dog food, so yes, I look them over. We wean at 6-7 weeks depending on growth. The results of the necropsy was somewhat inconclusive. It identified baterial infection as the most likely cause of death, however, the vet noted it was unclear what the source...
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    Has anyone tried Countryside Organics?

    I am not going to repeat everything in this thread, but if anyone finds this in a search, I want to ensure all the data is available. Please read this thread from the general organic area: I will summarize: We are no longer feeding...
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    mollys herbals?

    We used Molly's on our goat herd and with our horses (note- there is a horse specific blend without the black walnut). We were also performing fecals on all animals throughout. We stopped using Molly's because the fecals indicated the blend did not affect parasite populations in our goat herd...
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    Countryside feed

    I would like to be clear that I do not yet have definitive results from the necropsy. I have been talking with the doctors about what they found so far, but we are still digging deeper into tissue samples and feed analysis to determine the source of the problem. On the other hand, I can...
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    Our rabbits are dying!

    I will definitely follow up when I have the final results of toxicology results and know for sure if it was or was not the feed.