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    WTB - Dutch does

    We live in Eastern CT. Looking for 1-2 show quality Dutch does to add to our rabbitry. Might be willing to travel a few hours for the right one.
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    Multi-species bulk feed

    We have been experimenting with organic/GMO free feed on our farm. It is definitely expensive and staying in control of costs is vital to making a profit. For a couple of years now, I have been considering purchasing 1 or 2 bulk feed bins to use through the summer when our consumption is the...
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    Our rabbits are dying!

    Over the past week, we have had 3 kits and 2 does (both with litters) die. Neither of the does that died have had any kits die. Of the 3 kits that died, all 3 were 11-12 weeks old, from 2 different litters. Only 2 of the 5 that have died so far have been from the same cage. The only things...
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    FS: American Chinchilla rabbits - Griswold CT

    We have American Chinchilla rabbits available in Eastern CT. All are sold tattooed and with pedigrees. 6mo doe, ready to breed. $55. We can breed her to an unrelated buck for an additional $10. 2 litters that are 9 weeks old. $45 each 2 litters that are 1 week old. $45 each at weaning. 2...
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    Lost a buck this weekend

    Earlier this year, we moved farms and I had to rebuild fencing from the ground up. When I was building the buck pens, there was someone nearby selling the 52" high steel combo panels at a discount over new and about 40% of what goat panels would have cost. So, that is what I used to build the...
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    FS - American Chinchilla Doe, Griswold CT

    Pure American Chinchilla doe. 6 months old and ready to breed. Tattooed and pedigreed. No shipping.
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    Countryside feed

    I have been looking at the Countryside feeds. We have goats, rabbits, chickens, horses, and are considering getting a couple of pigs. I have friends that raised 3 pigs on the Coutryside swine feed and the local butcher was amazed at their quality and size vs age. In particular, we are...
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    Oberhasli herd for sale, SE CT

    Does in milk, does with kids, very good buck. All the details are listed on our website:
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    kidding a couple of months apart?

    During the breeding season, a number of our does were bred, came back into heat, and subsequently bred again. However, we now have 3 that kidded off a much earlier breeding than anticipated. In 1 case, the doe was bred again in 3 subsequent/consecutive heat cycles. Now, one of the does...
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    herd tracking

    I have been keeping an Excel spreadsheet for tracking our goat herd (tattoos, freshening date, last vaccinations, etc). However, now that we are at 19 goats, the basic spreadsheet is cumbersome. I'm looking for recommendations on any actual programs designed for tracking this kind of stuff...
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    WTB - Hay elevator, CT/RI

    We are moving to a larger farm and will have a hay loft. I'm in the market for a used hay elevator, at least 16'. Willing to travel around CT, RI, portions of MA to pick up if the price is right.
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    weight vs cost analysis

    I just finished completing an experiment on the weight vs cost for finishing off the rabbits. We had 2 litters born on the same day. Litter 1 - New Zealand doe, American Chinchilla buck. 10 born, 8 survived. Litter 2 - 92% American Chinchilla doe, New Zealand mix buck. 8 born, 8 survived...
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    Milk analysis for the year

    Since our last doe has been dried up and we are getting ready for kidding season, I closed out the milk records for last season. If you are not familiar with the dairy industry, milk production is actually tracked and discussed by weight (pounds of milk), not volume. While it was obvious on a...
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    Expanding the farm. Adding pigs

    I have a deal worked out to trade a trailer (that I was planning to sell in the spring for $400-500) for a bred sow. The sow is a Berkshire, Hamshire, Landrace mix. She is bred to a pure Berkshire. The pigs are pastured and boars and sows run together. He estimates the sow will have her...
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    rabbit as dog food?

    We are currently running 5 does in production and 2 bucks. I have 2 does being raised to join production. Our biggest issue is moving the meat. We use 1 fryer a week for our family, but I have 14 in the freezer, 12 ready to go to freezer camp in a week or so, 2 litters at about 3 weeks, and 2...
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    behavior reading recommendation

    I recently read "Horsonality" by Andy Beck. It is only available as an e-book through Amazon. You don't have to have a kindle, there is a free reader app you can download. It is a very insightful book into equine behavior and was developed without an agenda. If you want to understand more...
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    Bottling milk

    When we started out, I bought 4 of the carafes from Hoegger for the goat milk, however, our production quickly exceeded that. Since we already consume a lot of apple juice, we started recycling the 2qt apple juice bottles for goat milk. Recently, I came across a good deal on actual glass milk...
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    cost of raising meat rabbits

    I know the cost of raising meat rabbits is frequently discussed, but rarely analyzed in detail. I keep very detailed expense records for our farm and I am always crunching numbers to see what is profitable, and what isn't. Also, I look at how much work we do to make that little bit of profit...
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    Wanted - soap supplies (CT)

    My wife wants to make goat's milk soap. We have the milk, but none of the other supplies. Looking to buy immediately, so send me info on what you have sitting around not getting used any more.
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    Would you take the goats, or sell?

    My wife and I started with goats last year. We have been very aggressive at buying quality stock for our herd, and now have 9 does and 2 bucks (Lamancha and Oberhasli). The complication is, I am active duty Navy. We were hoping to stay in CT until I retire in 2019, but it is starting to look...