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    Solving a gloves equipment issue?

    Would be pretty fascinating to see a pic of the tractor.
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    How do you fix, doe using bathroom in her nesting box?

    When you take the kits out and bring them back in for feedings, can you achieve good survival rates this way? And would the survival rates be somewhat close to if you'd left them out there? (Curious how this would look, number wise?) Thank you very much for this idea also. Plus, it would let...
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    Egg endurance versus species question? takes geese eggs longer to hatch than duck eggs. And duck eggs take longer to hatch than chickens, and those longer than quail etc. I was curious if this also means if there's a corresponding endurance to decay by egg species type that corresponds with the longer times that it takes for...
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    Peking duck waddles?

    I hadn't thought about that. I've started doing fermented feed recently, so there must be some I guess.
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    Peking duck waddles?

    So sometimes when I'm watching my peking ducks, I have a hard time telling if they are just doing their normal duck waddle walk or if they actually have a leg problem or injury. I wondered about your thoughts on this. The peking breed particularly waddles more than normal. So its hard to...
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    Duck hearing ?

    So I've been really curious recently about how good the hearing is for waterfowl. There were a couple things that popped up on this. For starters, when I'm in the house and cough, if I'm by the window the ducks will hear it if I do it a lot and then start 'barking'. I wondered also if the...
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    Feeding on extra cold days... 'I'm starving' (lol)

    Any idea on a sort of a percentage range guesstimate for that? Thank you.
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    Buckets freezing issue?

    Do people ever complain on the geese? How likely is it to get complaints from neighbors with geese? I like the look of the pretty Embdens too; though I don't have any. Thanks for the chance to learn from you.
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    So I had some quail questions to ask people. How hard is it to get into raising coturnix quail? It seems interesting, though I already have ducks and rabbits. But one of the fascinating aspects about it is when I look at youtube videos there's actual people that say are quoting you being able...
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    Do rabbits pull out their hair in winter to keep warm?

    I'd heard of people on this form mention that some will build nests as early as day 21 instead of at day 28. Is that why she doesn't have babies yet but is pulling hair? I get that pulling hair is nesting behavior, but as its related to the topic, I wanted to ask also if its possible that some...
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    Lambing time!!

    You guys must have a lot of fun.
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    Feeding on extra cold days... 'I'm starving' (lol)

    So I thought I'd see what you think on this, to see what I could do better. Basically at any given moment ducks will act like 'I'm starving! I haven't eaten in days! Please...(gasp)....' (Translation; I ate 3 hours ago, more than full meal.) Well anyway, it seems like they'll always try to...
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    Buckets freezing issue?

    Thank you. Sounds fun to pick your mind on Embden geese too. They are so pretty in pictures. I'm curious what its like raising them. Are they as loud as people say? I'd heard people say some geese breeds aren't as loud as others.
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    Buckets freezing issue?

    I accidentally shattered one of these 5 gallon buckets on an icy morning. I was just trying to tap it on the ground to get the ice shook free and didn't realize I'd put too much pressure. And...the plastic can act like glass when its cold enough. Thanks for your thoughts, and to others also.
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    Buckets freezing issue?

    So I'd been using the typical 5 gallon buckets for water on my animals. They are the most economical and for most things they've always performed well. Until winter... They have a tendency to freeze through when it gets really cold. But to be fair most everything else does to. But this has...
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    Duck hygiene question in winter

    Interesting. Thank you very much.
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    Duck hygiene question in winter

    So I wanted to see what you thought about this. My ducks look really dirty. The outside water the city shuts off in winter, for fear of the pipes bursting or whatever. So we only have in the house water. (They call it pressurized irrigation and I guess part of the worry is if its already got...
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    Bees in the spring '21 ?

    So I get that some people are probably going to poke a little fun at this but its an honest question. I don't watch mainstream news. Its just really bad and you never know what's going on. I watch a wide variety of stuff. A lot of places are going to be totally crazy in the spring. And I'm...
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    Plastic queen excluders? Do they work?

    Just wanted to ask this. I'm seeing huge price differences between the metal ones and plastic. And on a budget. I'd like the metal ones if I didn't have to be careful about money... Curious what you think. Thanks.
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    How do you fix, doe using bathroom in her nesting box?

    Thank you very much. So the kits ...what r the chances they'd get sick from this behavior? Is it rare or like guaranteed?