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  1. Senile_Texas_Aggie

    risk-on/risk-off economic indicator is now flashing yellow

    I don't know if this forum is an appropriate place for this or not, but I happen to believe that there are several folks here who also have outside jobs and either have 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and/or IRAs in which they are saving their money and who may benefit from what I am about to share. If so, I...
  2. Senile_Texas_Aggie

    leasing my land for hay -- suggested contract details needed

    All, I am to the point now where I think I want to lease about 80 acres of my pasture land to someone else for them to bale hay. I have read through a number of threads on this forum, including the many wonderful responses I received for my very first thread "what do I do with 100 acres of...
  3. Senile_Texas_Aggie

    Senile Texas Aggie - comic relief for the rest of you

    All, We have been a member of BYH for about a month. I first joined after reading @Baymule writing about "I hate green briars!" and finding it so funny. Shortly after signing up, I then posted a thread about "What should I do with 100 acres of pasture?" and received so much helpful advice...
  4. Senile_Texas_Aggie

    what do I do with 100 acres of pasture?

    My wife and I recently bought a farm in western Arkansas w/ 162 acres, ~100 in pasture. We currently do not have any farm equipment other than a used John Deere Gator. The previous owner grew hay on about 90 acres of the pasture, but for our first cutting this late spring we got less than 1...
  5. Senile_Texas_Aggie

    a version of Oliver and Lisa Douglas of Green Acres

    My wife and I recently retired. After selling our house in McKinney, TX, we bought a farm in western Arkansas. We have never lived in the country before, so we are like Oliver and Lisa Douglas from the TV show "Green Acres". We have 100 acres of pasture and 60 acres of timber. We have a LOT...