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  1. Marlom Perez

    Rabbit Extras

    Friends, Thanks for reading. I am in need of suggestions as what to do with the extra parts of a rabbit after processing. I have learned to tan the hides well enough. How about the heads and feet/tail. Anything any of you do with them? I typically give the heads to my dogs, who eat them whole.
  2. Marlom Perez

    Hanging/Weatherproofing wire cages - Winter

    Friends, Thanks for reading my message! I was recently gifted proper wire cages for my small backyard herd of 10 rabbits. ( a breeding pair and the almost ready for harvest kits ) I was wondering what are the most typical methods of hanging wire cages. The wire used is the correct wire for...
  3. Marlom Perez

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Friends, Thanks for reading my message! My name is Marlom, I am in a suburb near Salt Lake City, Utah. I have a very small herd of one breeding buck and One doe. I have culled my first litter last summer and just had a recent litter born a week and four days ago. Looks like 8 this time. I have...
  4. Marlom Perez

    My Hutch Set Up

    Friends, Thanks for reading! Please look at and critique my rabbit set up. I am anxious to see what others have to say about my set up. I will continuously upload fixes and other updates.