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  1. Mike CHS

    Anatolian Shepherd Pups for sale Middle Tennessee

    Beautiful Brindle Anatolian Shepherds pups for Sale. Come from registered working parents with Goats, horses and chickens and family pets. Males and Females available. born Dec 2nd 2019. For further information please call 931-205-4116 ask for Brenda
  2. Mike CHS

    Getting Tomato Plants ready to plant.

    I posted a similar post last summer but it's getting to be time to plant our fall tomatoes. These were greenhouse grown and are a bit leggy and I like to plant them in a trench so they form more roots this time of year. Often when you are trying to bend the plant up to cover the lower portion...
  3. Mike CHS

    Seedless Watermelon Seed

    I was eating some Crimson Sweet Watermelon out of our garden this morning and it got me to wondering how do you get seed to plant a "seedless" Watermelon. I had to go look it up and thought some others might be interested in one of those things that was never thought about before. :) Seed...
  4. Mike CHS


    I put most of our posts in our Journal but this is one I wanted to share with everyone. I know that goat people are used to this but I have never seen quints from sheep. I didn't see her before she lambed but I can't imagine how broad she was.
  5. Mike CHS


    I noticed on the Premier1 site, they are now listing the Bioworma product along with prices but not in stock. I'm guessing they will start carrying it when it's available. If you haven't heard about this new product, I'm pasting a description from the Premier1 product info: New! A feed...
  6. Mike CHS

    Wilbur the pig goes to Hog Heaven

    We don't have pigs but thought of several members tonight while watching the local news. Wilbur, the pig was used in the 2006 remake of Charlotte's Web was reported on the news as passing on to Hog Heaven today. Wilbur was 12 years old and will be buried in the Rutherford County family farm.
  7. Mike CHS

    Abused LGD in Rogers Texas needs a home

    I happened across a post on Facebook talking about a working at least part Pyr that has been abused by its current owner. She is going to try to get the owner to give her the dog so she can find it a home. The dog has been getting out several times a day and gets beaten by the owner. She is...
  8. Mike CHS

    Teresa and Mike Lambing Thread Winter 2019 Part2

    We have been posting most of our happenings in our journal but I'm thinking since reading some posts by my good friend @Baymule (whom we have never met but know so well) that they should be outside the journal. Our journal was started because we had so much going and that at the time was the...
  9. Mike CHS

    Low Carb/Keto Recipe Thread

    I have been experimenting with low carb recipes and posting them in our journal but it was suggested I start a stand-alone thread for them which I think is a good idea and a better way to share. If anyone has any that they would like to share please feel free to add them here. Low Carb Crepes...
  10. Mike CHS

    A Guide to Katahdin Hair Sheep

    I'm posting a link to the KHSI site where you can download magazines from the past but in the middle of the page you will see a link for a PDF download called "A Guide to Katahdin Hair Sheep 2017. It's a good resource for FAQ's about the breed or sheep in general for that matter. It has 40...
  11. Mike CHS

    Barber Pole Worm checking

    I want to post a caution for all sheep producers to not ONLY depend on Famacha scores to determine whether or not your sheep are carrying those terrible parasites. One of our yearling ewes hasn't been gaining at the same rate as the others but she has plenty of energy, eats great and her...
  12. Mike CHS

    Tractor Supply Veterans Day Sale

    In case you missed it, Tractor Supply is having their Veteran's Day Sale tomorrow 11 November which is a 15% discount.
  13. Mike CHS

    Ref - Dr. Kennedy (Pipestone Vet)

    I don't know how many on the forum know of Dr. Kennedy of Pipestone Vet but he also worked the Ask a Vet portal for Pipestone. He was probably the most used mentor for no telling how many sheep producers that he never knew. I had several questions answered through him and it was always within...
  14. Mike CHS

    Abcess on Ram - not a problem but info

    I'm posting this so others can see that not all problems with our sheep need to be a crisis. I have read a lot of writings by Dr. Kennedy (Pipestone Vet Services) and one thing he says a lot is to take every issue seriously but don't go into panic mode until you know for certain there is a...
  15. Mike CHS

    Okra seed starting

    I read a tip on a Cajun gardening forum the other day about putting okra seed in hydrogen peroxide for 24 hours to get them sprouted. The poster is reliable so I started about half of the seeds I want to plant in hydrogen peroxide and an equal number in plain water. The sprouts on the seeds in...
  16. Mike CHS

    Thai Spiced BBQ Shrimp

    There is a Thai Restaurant in the old Charleston area that we loved to go to when we lived there and this recipe from there became one of our favorites. We had this tonight and I thought some might like to try it. The recipe: Thai Spiced BBQ Shrimp Ingredients: 3 Tbs fresh lemon juice 1 TBS...
  17. Mike CHS

    Planting tomatoes

    I have posted a similar thread either last year or the year before but seeing that it is gardening time for many I thought I would do one again. I plant my tomato plants in a shallow trench since the ground isn't at optimum growing temperature yet but you can easily break a plant stem when you...
  18. Mike CHS

    Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

    We just got done ordering our replacement fire extinguishers and it dawned on me that I haven't seen any discussion of this on the forum. The link below has the info about which extinguishers are affected by the recall. In our case 3 of the 5 that we have (they have plastic handles). We found...
  19. Mike CHS

    McMaster's method type of slide

    I have read a lot of articles about doing the McMaster's Method fecal test and we are looking for a kit. We see the 2 chamber slides offered in green or opaque but didn't see anything about that in the articles. Does it make any difference which one is used?
  20. Mike CHS

    Jump Gate for LGD

    We are just starting to look into adding a Jump Gate to give our LGD free movement in the interior paddocks. We feel comfortable in how secure our fences are but our Great Pyrenees is showing signs that she really doesn't like some of the sheep being on what to her must be the WRONG side of the...