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    Farming deer

    Anyone have any experience raising/farming deer? Fallow deer more specifically. I’m thinking of getting on the ground floor on this since almost no one does it, especially in California where I live. There’s not a lot of information on the subject besides basics. I hope plan to talk to deer...
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    How to find a market

    My husband and I are wanting to do some small scale farming. Just something that makes enough profit to pay for itself and maybe a little bit of pocket money. We had a circumstance where we cared for two pigs for a woman and the deal was she buys all their needs, we care for them. The idea was...
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    What to farm

    summary is at the bottom Hello for the California part of the Mojave Desert. So just a brief intro my husband and I bought a three acre property out in the desert about a twenty minute drive away from a big traveling pit stop on the way to Vegas. We love animals and livestock and have cared for...
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    Meat and fur rabbits

    My husband and I are looking into rabbits for the sale of bones (mostly skulls) and their fur. But if we can also get meat as a treat for the dogs that’s a big bonus. What would be the best breed for this? And is there anything special we should know about before getting started? We’ll probably...