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    Our neighbor's donkey likes to stay at the fence near our three donkeys. I think they need a friend. We have three right now. One will be sold, he is a baby jack. I would think an 1/2 acre or two would be good, so they don't get bored. They like horse toys(balls). They like old long pieces of...
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    Put a face to a name! Please post your pic here!

    Welcome Don, I have chickens, guinea fowl, turkeys, and ducks. We have Dexters. If you are going to buy registered Dexters for milking you need to look for the A2\A2 milk gene. I don't milk mine. As far as Dexters, if you are interested make sure you are buying a Non-PHA carrier. I have 1 cow...
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    How now mini cow

    I think they are probably a niche market here. We bought them because we wanted small cattle to butcher for our family, and because we only have 28 acres. I have also seen some people selling them as quarters or halves to smaller families(butchered). We got polled, but the horned ones tend to be...
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    How now mini cow

    We really like our Dexters. Now as to temperament, they are really nice, but there was one we didn't buy, because I didn't care for her temperament. I am sure there can problems with smaller cattle. I would always be careful, and aware of what they are doing. They can be expensive. I have seen...
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    Buying Katahdins, small ewes

    Thank you so much. The advice is making my decision much clearer. I
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    Buying Katahdins, small ewes

    They are registered, but he wanted me to know he bought them from another breeder. He has the papers. He said he should have put them in another pen instead of putting them in with his regular lambs he had. He said he usually doesn't wean that young, and then when he was realizing that they...
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    Buying Katahdins, small ewes

    A breeder that is local, and has registered and commercial Katahdins is offering to sell me ewes that might have been breed. He is offering them at a discounted rate because he said he bought them from good bloodlines, but the breeder he bought them from weaned them at 45 days, and he wasn't...
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    Making a pasture....and keeping it managed.

    Thank you so much for doing this series of posts. I am trying to get our pastures in shape, and they need help. Our local agent said we have so many weesatche, we need to spray with remedy. The dexter cows have been eating some weeds. I need to find a book so I can Identify the weeds. I have...
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    Have you any ideas and suggestions for making a quick, inexpensive, shelter for sheep

    I love your design! I am getting guineas, and that will be perfect to build.
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    Donkey in Electronet?

    Just for reference, I feed them a couple of treats every evening along with a ration of horse feed. The Jenn is pregant, and due in October. The man said you want to buy the Jenn, well my heart said yes. I kept them in a barn for a couple of weeks to make sure they would come to us, and...
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    Donkey in Electronet?

    Okay, I am confused. Our two mini donkeys seem to be okay with cattle and goats. They were with cattle when I bought them. Our male who was gelded was used to break 4-H steers. The other is a very mellow Jenny. They would halter him to the steers to teach them to walk. That was the previous...
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    Pole barn for horse with apartment

    I have seen some nice Park Model trailers. Of course they are $60,000 and up. I have also seen some gorgeous Tiny Homes at about 380 sq ft. We had a tiny cottage built for $46,000, and it was 680 sq ft. Just take your time looking for options. I think the flies are the biggest yuck about it. The...
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    Sheep = Mudpit?

    I am assuming through with sheep you would have a small pen and small yard area where you don't mind if they turn it into a dirt only pen. You could let them out to mow the other areas, and feed when they didn't need to mow.
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    Sheep = Mudpit?

    What about quail or rabbits? Maybe Ducks...they lay all year round without taking a break. They lay about 200 to 260 eggs each per year depending on what kind you get, and they grow quick.Quail can be raised in pens in your garage. Rabbits are pretty easy, if you can get by the cuteness factor...
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    Donkey and goats

    Hey Josie, I have just bought a donkey( not full size, between full size and minature, almost full size). He was used to guard goats, and 4-H steers. He is gelded, and five years old. He seems to be fine with other animals(not dogs). I also have managed,(my husband said I am trying for a zoo) to...
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    LGD on Small Property

    Premier 1st supplies has neat electric fencing supplies. We have chickens. We didn't build a huge coop for them. We build a small coop with run. We used 1/2 x 1/2 inch hardware cloth instead of just wire. It keeps the sparrows out, raccoons, foxes, and bobcats out. We laid a foot of wire down...
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    Was offered some sheep..

    Just throwing this in. I assume everyone has read the story about the sheep in England where they keep getting out to eat grass at the village green.(I love it, so I'll write it down just in case) The farmer shored up his fences, but had a cattle guard. They were still getting out to eat at the...
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    Renting Pasture for Sheep

    Have you thought about babydoll sheep? Harlequin sheep? Maybe mini chevriot? This might be a way to have sheep in your yard. Even without grass, babydoll, or Harlequin would not be expensive to provide hay for. I think kids would love mini sheep. They can be used as grass mowers, therapy...
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    Thank you, I will have to look at those courses. We are in Live Oak County. One hour from San Antonio, and a little more from Corpus Christi. We have a Beeville address, we are right on the dividing line between counties. We are out in the middle of nowhere. A twenty minute drive to the nearest...
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    Dear Old Ram, is there any family that could stay with Jenny for a day or two to give you a break? I cared for my Mother, Aunt, and Father as a caregiver. I am an only child. It is so hard for one person to handle. Thank goodness, I had my daughters who are in their twenties to help me...