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    Slaughter houses are making a killing.

    I don’t know if y’all have experienced the same or similar, but I am constantly seeing people begging for slaughter houses. Most are booked out until 2022 already! How are you doing with the lack, and how are you taking advantage of it?
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    Disaster checks

    I’d like to create a thread to check in with people dealing with disasters and share information about natural disasters. If you have ideas, or things that worked in the past, even products, please mention them. I know preparing with animals is completely different than without them. For me...
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    Messybun’s Small starts big dreams

    Wow, I just surprised myself with that title, it sounds epic. This journal probably isn’t going to be. Right now there are goats, chickens, ducks, geese, a rabbit, and two dogs. I know I’m missing some things in here, but the important part is they aren’t forgotten at feeding time. Why am I...
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    Goat eye problem.

    I noticed one of my goats was squinting tonight, and he was really touchy about his left eye. I suspect it is an injury, but what concerned me is after I put the eye drops in he had whitish tears come rolling down his face every so often. But the eye drops are clear, and I don’t think I got as...
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    Where did you learn to be a farmer?

    Okay, this might seem strange to some of you, but where did you learn farmee stuff? I know for many farming is the way it has always been, so you learned from your family. Where did the rest of you learn?
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    I am looking into sheep and have questions.

    Hello all, as the title suggests I am thinking about getting some sheep. I have goats already but I have heard sheep can be trickier. My goats are mostly pygmies, with one big whether(200 lb "pygmy cross") lol. Can sheep and goats get along, or will the sheep bully my goats? I know that sheep...
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    Can you give Benadryl and vaccines?

    I need to vaccinate my heard of goats and I’m really worried about anaphylaxis. We do not have a livestock vet ANYWHERE nearby and our local vets can’t even work with us because none of our goats are a patient so there’s no way to prescribe epi. Sooo... that brings me to my question, can I give...
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    Goat going downhill fast no clue why.

    Update: My sweet girl unfortunately passed this morning and it looks like it was tetanus. I have a Pygmy goat that was looking a little off yesterday but I assumed it was the heat. This morning she was laying down a lot, and has just been getting worse. Her back legs seem a bit stiff and her...
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    Lactating after spider bite.

    Hey all, I’m not 100% sure this is the right forum, but it seemed close. A few weeks ago one of my goats was bit by a spider on the end of her teat. That side has necrotized but the other is now lactating. The fluid tests negative on mastitis test strips, but it’s really thin and full of...
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    What’s a good garden forum?

    I have fruit trees dying and don’t know why. Does anyone know of a good garden forum I could get on?
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    How to mark goats.

    We have a herd of pet goats and I need to know how to tag them for hurricane season in case things get really bad. Ear tags are a no go, collars are too dangerous,I really don’t want to have to tattoo anyone and Microchips are really not possible. So, with this quandary, does anyone have ideas...