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  1. BellaM

    Gestation period

    Happy 2021 homesteaders! 🤩 My mama is kidding for the 4th time and I've noticed that although her (earliest) due date is 26th January she's showing signs earlier than in her previous pregnancies. So I was wondering if it's possible for her to kid earlier without complications? She's had no...
  2. BellaM

    How do I know if my goats are getting enough feed?

    My goats are on browse during the day (mostly wattle trees, some indigenous veld and the odd mulberry tree) and they get pellets twice a day. I adjust the pellets based on if there's any waste or absolutely none left (I like there to be a few pellets left which I interpret as they're getting...
  3. BellaM

    Hi from sunny South Africa

    My name is Bella, I quit corporate and moved to a three hectare small holding to become a full time farmer/homesteader three years ago at the age of 48. It's been brain gymnastics ever since! I'm not just learning something new every day but multiple things every day! I have two donkeys...