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  1. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    DIY Rabbit Cages

    Any suggestions on where to buy cage wire for making or repairing rabbit cages? Local feed store doesn't carry the right size and didn't seem interested in ordering it.
  2. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Rabbit Barn design

    Hi all, I am planning to build a rabbit barn to house my rabbits and I'm hoping you can provide some tips or information to help make it work. Right now I have 2 bucks, 11 does, and 2 litters. I am using wire cages placed on metal pipes suspended over metal sawhorses. The cage area is covered...
  3. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Fiber Adventures

    I now have a spinning wheel!!! I received this Ashford Traditional spinning wheel and chair as a wedding present and am anxiously awaiting some replacement parts in the mail so I can try the spinning wheel out. This thread is going to document fixing the wheel and learning how to spin on her.
  4. Larsen Poultry Ranch


    Hi all, do rabbits molt the same each time, or can it change? I've had rabbits for over a year now and what I previously experienced with molting was the fur on the face looking odd as it was two different lengths and small chunks of fur on the back/bottom coming out. The chunks could be groomed...
  5. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Two litters, foster or not?

    Hey all, I had this problem last year (May/June) and I know it was caused by heat but I didn't think it has been hot enough yet to have to worry about heat issues. My doe Paprika had 6 kits yesterday 3/31/20 and I barely peeked at the nest last night, just enough to know she had some wiggly...
  6. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    No fall off, possible to be pregnant?

    I have a new buck (5+ months) and he is willing but he hasn't fallen off when I tried breeding him. He is very interested in the doe and mounts but usually doesn't have things lined up. This is the first time trying to breed him since I got him around 3+ months old. I have put him with the same...
  7. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Young Goat, swollen jaw and lethargic

    Hey all, I don't have a ton of details yet but my boyfriend called me about one of the young goats in our herd (born April/May) having a swollen jaw and acting lethargic. My immediate thought was parasites as I wasn't finding much else it could be in searching this site. We treated for...
  8. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Larsen Poultry Ranch - homesteading journey

    Hello all, I finally decided to create a journal. I currently live in Placer County, CA in a house on .31 acres with my significant other. I am an accountant and he is an electrician. Together we have 2 cats, 7 rabbits, turkeys, chickens, coturnix quail, button quail, and a dog. The cats...
  9. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Anyone know what kind of snake this is?

    Placer County, CA. We spotted this little guy/girl last night when we were working near our ditch water pump in the field. We've seen them off and on throughout the years but haven't really been able to figure out what kind they are. We always called them Red Racers, but pictures online don't...
  10. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Advice needed, Rats in the rabbittry

    Ok, so I have had rabbits since January-ish and no issues with pests up until a month ago. I have killed 7 rats using a snap trap but they just keep coming. Last night I spotted two, tried to whack one with a stick but the buggers are fast. My rabbittry is set up with wire cages hanging from a...
  11. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Rex breeders going to October Reno show?

    Are there any Rex breeders going to the show in Reno NV in October 2019? Not mini, the full size. I just started with Rex this year and I am looking to get another doe and possibly another buck to expand my herd. I have a pedigreed castor doe and REW buck. Any advice is also welcome, thanks!
  12. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Litter of 5, only one left

    Hi all, my doe Paprika just had her first litter Sunday evening. There were 5 babies. I checked on them Monday morning (which is when I counted them), by taking the whole nest box out of the cage and putting them in a bowl lined with a towel. They were active and squeaking a little so I only had...