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    Nigerian dwarf goats

    I agree with the comment about someone selling a kid as a bottle baby that isn't already trained to feed on a bottle. Try holding them on your lap and stroking their throats as you feed them. I breed dairy goats and don't use any treats to train though i do give my herd windfall apples from...
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    Which fence?

    When we first bought our farm three years ago we went with welded wire. It let us get goat into a larger area on a budget. What we have found is that in areas they want something from behind the fence they have broken a lot of the welds and the kids can get through. We are now replacing all...
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    Kid withers shedding

    We had a similar issue last winter when our local feed store switched the goat mineral they were carrying. The goats weren’t eating the new one. I went to a different store and got a bag of the old brand and after about 2 months everything was back to normal. To repeat Aouthern’s question what...
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    Goats in shock

    A dog got in with my kids last spring and scared them pretty badly. I ended up moving them into a stall by themselves away from my older goats and stayed with them for a couple hours. I just brought in an old towel and sat down on the floor with them. Within a couple minutes they were all...
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    Help with adopted goat

    If you want him to be health he has to have a buddy. Goats are a herd animal and need friends.companionship. I like the suggestion of adding a wether but would suggest that you try to find one who is very friendly. It could rub off on Gene. I also like the idea of adding you state but would...
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    What do i need to know ?

    LOL What breed for you? Kune Kune
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    What do i need to know ?

    We are new to pigs as well. We have 1 Kune Kune now, a boar just weened, and are adding a female and 2 barrows in 3 weeks from a separate breeder when they are weened. W did some research and decided to go with this smaller breed. The have the advantage of being pasture pigs. Hamlet is in...
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    How do I post a new thread?

    How do I post a new thread?
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    old bedding

    We do the same thing with the drier hay going in low muddy spots during the winter.
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    Goat house requirements

    We live in the Pacific NW so we have winters though they are not as cold as yours. During the winter we close our herd of Nubians in at night along with their guard llama. The reasons are two fold. 1. Protection from large predators that we have in the area. Twice we've found cougar tracks in...
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    old bedding

    We have a compost area just for that bedding hay. After about a year it makes a great garden augmentation. You can use it directly but I’ve fit the “aged” compost easier to work with in my garden
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    Farm journal?

    I'm a retired Electronics Engineer so doing on paper wasn't even something I considered doing. I set up an Excel spread sheet. The cover page has data on all of out goats that auto feeds from a page that is specific to each goat. If we add pigs, chickens, and cows this year I'll set up...
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    New Mamma goats do I need to milk?

    LOL I really like your comment like your comment about Boers not being over achievers. I was lucky to get 2 cups from our one Boer last year. My best Nubians do 2 quarts per milking. The boer also hates the milking stand. We had enough milk from the other does that I just stopped trying...
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    Part-time or full-time farmer?

    Welcome! I haven't been on this site long but it has been a great resource. We currently have 24 goats but that number varies depending on sales and births. We also have a llama to guard them rather than a LGD. He eats pretty much the same thing as our goats so that cuts out the dog food and...
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    Put a deposit down on two Nigerian Dwarf goats! Need to get ready for them...

    That's about Identical to what I'm going to put around our garden this year as far as the poles are concerned. Instead of using deer netting, neighbors have show me that by stringing a wire around the top of the poles and tying pieces of metal ribbon to the wire the deer see it as a solid wall...
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    Closing Hayloft Door

    We love it. The ground floor is divided in 3 with the east and west sides having concrete floors and smaller doors with access to the barn yard and pasture behind. We built dividers on those sides to bring our goats in at night in winter. We built feeders along the dividing wall but had to go...
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    Put a deposit down on two Nigerian Dwarf goats! Need to get ready for them...

    We don't use any chemicals either. We got lucky with the organic side of things. Before we bought our place 2 years ago nothing had been done with the property for 30-40 years. The bad side of that is the number of feet of fence to be repaired of replaced. Chain link isn't an option due to cost.
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    Closing Hayloft Door

    nne Sheridan, post: 541968, member: 17015"]I’ll try to get pictures postd tomorrow. Our barn is a little different. The doors are on the sides not the ends. I’ll try for a picture of the out side and the inside. The only problem could be heavy rain We finally got a break in the rain. Picture 1...
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    Closing Hayloft Door

    I’ll try to get pictures posted tomorrow. Our barn is a little different. The doors are on the sides not the ends. I’ll try for a picture of the out side and the inside. The only problem could be heavy rain