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  1. MuldrowHomeFarm

    A couple of issues

    1. Cass has her left ear laid back and will not use it. We have examined it but see no issues inside or outside. 2. Midnight is losing hair on her legs in random spots. It doesn't appear to hurt her but it is all the way to the skin. We have examined the area around each spot but see nothing...
  2. MuldrowHomeFarm

    MuldrowHomeFarm-Our journey into Farming (little did we know this is where we were going....)

    1999 is the year we met......I will merely highlight what has brought us here......but suffice to say, a lot of love, patience, forgiveness and so much grace, it cannot even be measured. I am assuming that the initials, "DH" stands for Dear least, I am hoping they do. If not...
  3. MuldrowHomeFarm

    Does anyone here currently have Alpacas?

    We are new to Alpacas and currently have 6 older females. I just have basic questions and would like feedback from some more experienced folks!
  4. MuldrowHomeFarm

    I'm new here!

    Hi! Tammy from Muldrow Home Farm. We have a 56 acre working farm in South East Texas, that has 40 goats, 5 Donkeys, 6 Alpaca and 100 Chickens. We love learning and sharing our knowledge. Our actual business on the farm is Beekeeping. We keep over 600 hives locally year round and love what we...