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    Wool Sheep Shedding?

    I have a two year old Jacob Sheep ewe that is shedding her fleece. She was shorn last year with no issues. Is this a sign of a disease or deficiency? No one else in the flock is having this issue. She has lost about 1/2 of her fleece so far.
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    Recognizing A Heifer in Heat

    I have a 15 month old Jersey heifer I want to breed. The bull is 2+ hours away and they charge $150/week as the fee, so we will only be leaving her there 1 week. So, I need to get really good at recognizing when she is in heat to time it right. Most of what I've read about signs she is in heat...
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    Rescued Puppy

    We found a puppy yesterday ans put her in our kennel so the coyotes would not get her. I know she's hungry. Can I give her somw calf milk replacer? She can't be more than a few weeks old.
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    Tail up vs. Tail Down

    I have read that a goat keeping its tail down is a sign of illness, but from my observations of my Nigerians, I don't think that is always the case. They all keep their tails down wgen it's really cold outside. Can anyone shed light on what a goat's tail veing down might indicate. Thanks.
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    Buck to Doe Ratio

    How many does can a buck realistically service? These are Nigerians if that matters, and the buck is 2 years old.
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    How to Find a Bull to Breed to

    I have a 12 month old Jersey heifer and I am starting to think about breeding. Are there any resources where people offer stud services? We are not interested in A.I. and are not prepared to own our own bull, as we have heard Jersey bulls are the most aggressive of the dairy breeds.
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    Lame Sheep, Where Do I Start

    I have an ~4 year old Jacob ewe who went lame yesterday. The day before she wasn't loking good, laying down a lot, and I noticed her stumble over nothing. Yesterday and today she is not able to stand. Her poop looks normal. What are the next things I need to look for to figure out what is going...
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    Goat Menstration

    So two of my Nigerian's have had blood on their tails and vulvas for two days. I thought they were bred at the end of May. How often should this happen? The bucks haven't been responding at all, which is why I'm not sure. Could this be something else?
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    Lamb Near Death

    I have a 4 month old, 4-horned, Jacob Sheep ram lamb that is near death. He can't stand and his eyes look bugged out. This morning he was acting strangely, and stayed standing still in the corner when i fed the sheep this morning. I petted him and went about my chores. He is missing one of his...
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    One Teat Not Refilling

    I have an 11 month old Nigeeian Dwarf who had her first freshening in March. The kid only nursed from her right teat, as he had trouble latching on to her left teat because there isca bump on it. We started milking her left teat because it was really full and the kid nursed the right side. Two...
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    How Much to Sell My Calf For

    We are selling our 5 month Holstein heifer. She is super sweet, socialized with sheep, goats, and children, and is halter trained. How much is fair to sell her for? What avenues of sale are there besides craigslist and the sale barn (which is not our preference).
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    Calf Having a Seizure?

    I have a 12 week old bottle calf who appears to be having a seizure. She starts striking out backwards with her back legs, stands aloof, then lays down, and sometimes kicks her legs. We weaned her a few days ago. She is on pasture and hay, and yesterday we introduced purina cattle pellets. We...
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    Lamb Trying to Find the Teet

    So we got our first lamb ataround 6:10pm yesterday! He seems to be having a hard time finding the teet still (4am). Mom moves when he tries to latch in the wrong spot to help him get back into position. I have heard sucking twice, but she has a lot of wool. DH is staying out there with them and...
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    75% Nigerian 25% Pygmy

    We are considering buying a purebred Nigerian dwarf female who has been exposed to a buck who is half Nigerian half Pygmy. We are interested in goats for milk. We figure the offspring would still be good milkers, but maybe stockier. Anyone experience this cross before? Thanks!
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    Who Has Jacobs in Texas

    Anyone have purebred Jacob sheep in Texas? I know someone looking to trade to get new blood in their flock!
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    Do I Have to Give Calf Starter?

    We aim to do things as naturally as possible when we can. We have a bottle fed Holstein and are wondering when to wean her. She is 9 weeks old, gets two bottles a day, hay, alfalfa/timothy pellets, and pasture for a few hours each day. Does she need calf starter? When will her rumen develop if...
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    Calf with a Cough

    My 7 week old Holstein calf has a dry cough after it being wet and the temp dropping from 72 to 27 degreesin 24 hrs. We put a blanket on her and she has shelter. What could or should I do for her?
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    Calf with a Cough

    My 7 week old Holstein calf has a dry cough after it being wet and the temp dropping from 72 to 27 degreesin 24 hrs. We put a blanket on her and she has shelter. What could or should I do for her?
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    Hi! I am a new sheep owner with 6 Jacob Sheep!
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    Opinions Please

    My family lives on 12 acres with another family. They have ~12 goats and a Pyrenese. We have ~6 sheep and were going to get an Anatolian to be with them at all times. We were told not to get the Anatolian and that they would get another Pyrenese to run free and gaurd the whole property. We do...