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  1. madelynmccabe

    How is Everyone's Labor Day?!?

    Hello BYH:frow How has everyone's Labor Day going so far?!? If you want, you can send a pic of how your herds are spending their Labor Day! Hope it's a good one!! Here is what mine are doing... Shea enjoys acing crazy on Labor Day. Maggie likes to chew on lawn chairs. And the...
  2. madelynmccabe

    madelynmccabe's Thread: Lets See Everyone's Herd Houses!

    Hi BYH! I would love to see pics of everyone's houses for their special herds!!! It could be a barn, coop, shed, pasture, pen, kennel, cage, dog house, pretty much anything you can come up with (pics of your herds/pets will be accepted too;)). I would love to get to know everyone even better on...
  3. madelynmccabe

    Goats Limping Because of Vaccinations!!!!!

    Yesterday my 4 month old goats got their booster vaccination for CD&T. Today I noticed some VERY bad limping from one of our goats, the other had a small limp. Thinking it was a snake bite, we called our vet immediately. He came out around 4:00 today and gave her a penicillin shot, but not our...
  4. madelynmccabe

    A Little Help With Goat Dewormers

    Hi guys!! I'm back again with another question:th. My babies are just reaching the age for some dewormer. I'm thinking about buying the Dumor brand. That comes in the bucket-type package. It's online at TSC. But when I buy it, how often should I given it to them and how much at a time? Should I...
  5. madelynmccabe

    Just Need a few Questions Answered

    I purchased two baby goats about a month and a half ago. These are my first goats but they are still very skittish. They will take treats from my hand, get close to me, and have even let me teach them a few tricks. However, whenever I go to slowly pet them or touch them they back away very fast...
  6. madelynmccabe

    Baby Goat got Head Stuck in the Fence

    Today I was out with my baby goats that I've had for a little over a month now and I went in to eat dinner. When I came back outside I heard some very loud and unusual bleating. I looked out to see my nearly 3 month old baby goat, Maggie, with her head stuck in the fence. She and her friend...
  7. madelynmccabe

    Hello from Tornado Alley!! New goat owner!

    Hi BYH!:frow I'm very excited to join the website and can't wait to hear from y'all! I'm an experienced chicken owner but new to goats! I just recently bought two Nigerian Dwarf/Nubian babies, Maggie and Shea. They are lots of fun and I want only the best care possible for them!