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  1. JHP Homestead

    Are these Coccidia eggs?

    I am having recurring losses of my rabbits, probably due to Coccidiosis; but I’m not positive. In an effort to be sure, I’m trying to do fecals on the rabbits. I found what I think are some eggs, do these look like Coccidia eggs? Are there other eggs in these pictures? 400x power 100x power...
  2. JHP Homestead

    Am I Causing This Sore in My Goat’s Teat?

    I bought my first milk goat a couple days ago. I’ve never milked anything before, so I’m learning as I go. The goat had sore on her right teat when I got her, which the previous owner said was from her milking when she had a cut on her hand. Something about the pain made her milk weird and...
  3. JHP Homestead

    Should I put a roof over my rabbitry?

    More specifically, the aisle of my rabbitry. Obviously, the cages themselves have roofs over them. Here is a couple pictures of my current rabbit setup: Facing East Facing West (Please excuse the falling apart water lines, the freeze a couple days ago pushed the connections apart and I...
  4. JHP Homestead

    What color is this rabbit?

    This rabbit is out of a (supposed) black buck and a broken black doe. I say supposed on the buck because he had a couple stray whitish hairs that I don’t know if black rabbits can have. I dabble is keeping/preserving the pelts and I like this color. If I breed him back to his mom, am I likely...
  5. JHP Homestead

    Coccidiosis Again?

    3 or 4 weeks ago I had several rabbits die. We thought it might be Coccidiosis, so we treated with Corid and the deaths stopped. During that time, I had two litters of 1-2 week old kits. Neither the kits nor their mothers ever showed any signs of Coccidiosis but the does were treated anyways...
  6. JHP Homestead

    JHP Homestead’s Journal

    I LOVE reading through everyone’s journals and I like the idea of having a convenient location to document things DH and I do on the homestead, so I thought I’d start a journal of my own. Here goes nothing... 1. What state/province/country are you in and what is your climate like? SW Michigan...
  7. JHP Homestead

    JHP Homestead Farrowing Thread - Now hand raising piglets!

    Our 1 year old Hereford gilt, Gert, is due June 15th with her first litter. Other than the 4 feeders we raised alongside her last year, she is our very first experience with pigs, so I’m very excited but also very nervous for her farrowing. We moved Gert to her new stall in our barn last week...
  8. JHP Homestead

    12 week old meat rabbits dying

    I have a cage that was holding 5 ready-to-butcher meat rabbits. During the last 24 hours, 3 of these rabbits have died for unknown-to-me reasons. They seem to be having some diarrhea and aren’t particularly interested in food, although they did eat a handful of grass yesterday. We cut open...
  9. JHP Homestead

    Hello from SW MI

    Hello all, I’ve been reading this forum for quite a while and thought it was time to finally join. My husband and I are novice homesteaders, having started on this journey “for real” 4 years ago. We have a couple cows, a horse, one pig, a bunch of chickens, and too many rabbits.