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  1. MiniGoatsRule

    Goat Wedding

    JIMMY AND SNICKERDOODLE ARE GETTING MARRIED! Okay, for those of you who didn't know, I am an animal freak. I don't eat meat anymore and see animals as human equals. But if goats and humans are equals, and since humans get married when they fall in love... GOAT WEDDING TIME! After the snow...
  2. MiniGoatsRule

    Goats Dropping Dog Sized Turds

    Hey y'all, me again, with something really confusing. Do goats normally drop their little pellet turds all bunched up in the shape and size of a dog turd? I you need pictures, I can post, but I'd rather do that as a last resort.
  3. MiniGoatsRule

    Goat Enrichment

    Howdy! I have 2 pet mini goats. They get into a lot of trouble. Their new favorite is tipping over the chicken scratch barrel. Does anybody have any good enrichment ideas for goats?
  4. MiniGoatsRule

    Bananas For Supper!

    Hey y'all, me... Again... What's this, the... number 20something MiniGoatsRule threat? ANYWAY, I heard banana is great for horses, and I wanted to mix a little bit of banana with my horse's grain every day. But, about 3 or 4 weeks ago, he got colic real badly. He's doing good now, I'd say...
  5. MiniGoatsRule

    Aces Up Chinchillas

    Hey y'all, it's me again. I've got a question for any chinchilla owners out there. So, I have a little chinchilla, about 5-7-ish years old, I wanna say, his name is Pedro. Yes, I know, I need to clean his cage. Anyway, I'm gonna build a bigger cage for him, and I want to adopt him a buddy...
  6. MiniGoatsRule

    Supplementing & Graining Goats

    Hey there everyone, it's me again, back with another problem because I have too many of them...:hit So, I've been trying to figure this one out for a good while now. I am going to start giving my goats a bit of grain every night to hide in some supplements, but I still haven't figured out...
  7. MiniGoatsRule

    Spaying Rabbits

    Hey, is anybody on BYH from Northwestern Wyoming, Eastern Idaho, or Western Montana? I need some help with my pet rabbit. I need a good vet in one of those areas that can spay her, and preferably one that isn't over $200.
  8. MiniGoatsRule

    MiniGoatsRule's Monthly Poll

    Hey everybody, I'm going to start a new thing where every month I will post a new random poll. This month's thread will be: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FAMOUS BARNYARD ANIMAL? Ex. My favorite famous barnyard animal is Norman the calf from the movie City Slickers. If you get confused with the...
  9. MiniGoatsRule

    Minerals For 2 Pet Goats

    Hey there, yours truly again. Good lord, I sound like some medieval messenger/hipster. ANYWAY, I plan to soon build a mineral/baking soda feeder for my goats. Wait, it's baking soda that I need to free-feed them on, right? Or is it baking powder? I can't remember to save a life... Crap memory...
  10. MiniGoatsRule

    Protecting Rabbits From Dog

    Hey guys, me again. So, recently, we welcomed a little puppy into our family. His name is Whiskey and he is an amazing puppy! I love him a ton. I just have a problem: He's kind-of a little predator. At my dad's house (which is about 3 blocks away from my mom and stepdad's, where we keep...
  11. MiniGoatsRule

    New floofs!

    Hey guys, i am happy to inform you that one of our highland cattle, Marigold, has had a calf! The little fella was born on Saturday morning. I will get a picture ASAP (well, more like ASAICRTDTFTTIWSTD (as soon as I can remember to do the flipping thing that I was supposed to do)). Also, name...
  12. MiniGoatsRule


    Hey y'all, me again! Does anybody here have a capybara or know anybody with one? I plan to get 2 in the future, but I want to get capybara advice sooner than later. Get back to me whenever, I have at least 6 more years until I get one, so...
  13. MiniGoatsRule

    @MiniGoatsRule- The Gunner Forum

    Hey guys! I wanted to make a new journal... but for my brother. His name is Gunner, and he's not exactly human. You know that one guy in your friend group who's dangerously obsessed with animals, thinks of some of his pets as siblings, and doesn't want to have a career in a non-animal...
  14. MiniGoatsRule

    Free Feeding A Holland Lop & Standard Chinchilla

    Hey y'all, it's me again, with another issue. I heard that you should feed rabbits 2 tbsp. food for every 6 lbs. My rabbit Jumping Jack is between 4-5 lbs. and I still feed her 2 tbsp. My chinchilla Pedro is fed 1 tbsp. of Purina Rabbit Chow (Jumping Jack eats the same thing, and I've seen...
  15. MiniGoatsRule

    Cat Diet

    Hey guys, me again. Remember Tiggy, my mom's cat, from my cat spraying thread? Well, our vet said he needs to go on a diet. Any ideas on what to do? -MiniGoatsRule
  16. MiniGoatsRule

    4H Report

    Hey y'all! I don't think I have mentioned it but I am in 4H. I am doing a report on bone fractures on an animal of our choice and I chose cattle. So... I have some questions for cattle owners out there. Disclaimer: I do know about putting down injured cattle. I am just asking about when you...
  17. MiniGoatsRule

    Can Chickens get Hanta Virus?

    Simple question: Can chickens get hanta virus? When our mousetraps catch a mouse, we like to feed them to our chickens. They always eat mice anyways, our cats don't eat anything dead, they stink everything up if we do anything else... So are our chickens at disease risk when eating mice and we...
  18. MiniGoatsRule

    Behavior Switch Up In Golden Retriever

    Hey... I was talking with a teacher today at my school, and awhile ago she said that her dog Murphy had a habit with growling occasionally at other dogs. But today she said that Murphy (her golden) bit another dog at a grooming service at the Dee-O-Gee. He bit the dog, and then just hid in the...
  19. MiniGoatsRule

    Me, My Herd, My Sanity That I'm Surprised Exists

    Hey, I want to get a little life change, so every time something worth a story happens regarding my herd, or a story that really managed to comically put my sanity on the line, I am gonna make a post about it here. So be prepared for some funny stuff and some stories that make me look bad and...
  20. MiniGoatsRule

    Personality Changes In Pygmy Wether

    Hey y'all, I have something I need to talk to you about regarding Jimmy (you all remember him from recent threads, right? If you haven't heard about him, he's the brown Pygmy Wether in my profile picture). He used to be super sweet, he loved our dog, but now he is a ride little [BLEEP]. I guess...