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  1. WolfeMomma

    ruptured prepubic tendon in sheep

    I have a ewe due early January. She has looked pretty much the same recently, big belly on both sides. Just recently her stomach has completely changed. One side looks like is not pregnant at all, and the opposite side is huge and very low hanging. She struggles to get around, walking is hard...
  2. WolfeMomma

    Fencing ideas for sheep?

    Has anyone fenced their whole pasture with cattle panels? If yes did you like it? if no, why not? Rolling around this idea for our main pasture we use in the winter.
  3. WolfeMomma

    Meat Lambs

    What do you all typically sell your meat lambs for? I have had a lot of inquiries about the couple that I have for sale, and when I tell them the price, they run away. Trying to figure out if people in my area are cheap, or I am asking way to much.
  4. WolfeMomma

    Trailer Conversion

    So we are in the process of converting a small(ish) cargo trailer in to a sheep trailer. That way my SUV can tow it and I dont always have to use the big stock trailer and rely on my husbands truck. Now because cargo trailers are completely inclosed I obviously need venting and air circulation...
  5. WolfeMomma

    Feed trough/Mineral container

    What type of trough would you guys recommend for a ram, He is extremely rough with everything I put in there. The flat bowl type buckets work, but the chickens go in and eat all his grain. That grain is to expensive to be eaten by them. The fence feeder works but he head butts it till it falls...
  6. WolfeMomma

    Ram Thoughts

    Ram behavior, is it genetic or do you think the way that you raised them dictates their behavior ( good or bad) or maybe both? Even if your ram comes from friendly blood lines , does that mean he has a higher chance of behaving like a gentleman? Is there hope for a ram who comes from lines where...
  7. WolfeMomma

    Separating at feeding time/nutritional needs.

    I have a couple sheep that are on a different grain to help their condition, i have others that are on no grain. Separating everyone is a huge issue. I can't seem to find a way to do it that is easy for me to manage on my own. During the week its just me doing chores while hubby is at work. How...
  8. WolfeMomma

    Do I need this?

    Since we are expecting Lambs in January/Feb time frame. Should I have a heat lamp out for them? I was planing on buying some little lamb coats for them as well. We are in maine so I know its going to be pretty cold. Also, any list of must have shots to give them after they are born? I see mixed...
  9. WolfeMomma

    What do I do?

    How do your rams get along with your livestock guardians? We are having issues, to put it mildly. The dog won't stop trying to hump the ram, and the ram won't stop head butting and trying to hump the dog. The dog follows the ewes around constantly licking their backside. It's getting...
  10. WolfeMomma

    Ram Weight

    Just wondering if my rams weight is pretty average, or small. He just turned 7 months old and we weighed him at 158lbs the other day. He is not for meat, just breeding and show.
  11. WolfeMomma

    Breeding twice a year?

    I have heard some people breed their ewes twice a year, thoughts on this?
  12. WolfeMomma


    Here I am asking about udders again:barnie Someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. My yearling ewes udders are slowly getting larger. First it was just one with an uneven udder, one side was large, the other wasn't. We discovered milk in there, figured it was the ewe lamb that was trying...
  13. WolfeMomma

    When looking for brood ewes

    When looking for good brood ewes, what do you look for. I find it hard to find something that is not someones cull that they are clearly getting rid of because its lacking in so many things. I have a great breeder near me, but since I already have quite a few of their sheep, I would like to...
  14. WolfeMomma

    Runny nose

    Ever since we got back from the show, our ram lamb has had a runny nose, and is not eating much of his grain. Not sure whats wrong, he seems fine other then that. Anything I should watch out for? does he need extra minerals or vitamins? a drench? Usually he is a grain hog, which is why I'm...
  15. WolfeMomma

    Weight/muscle gain

    I have a yearling ewe that I am trying to get more weight on, I find her a bit on the "thin" side. What is your favorite way to get lots of weight and muscle on your sheep. We walk them up and down a steep hill to help build muscle, they have unlimited pasture full of clover and alfalfa/Timothy...
  16. WolfeMomma

    Udder Question

    I was looking at my Yearling ewe the other day, and it looks like one part of her udder is normal size, the other side is a bit enlarged. She is not pregnant. Though in my research online I have seen some people say that clover can cause the udder to enlarge, something about a hormone or...
  17. WolfeMomma

    Showing Tips?

    Any tips or advice in regards to showing sheep. Im taking 2 of my Registered Ewes to a show in May. My 7yr old and 6yr Old will be showing themo_O so inexperienced sheep plus inexperienced kids should be an interesting combo. Im working my butt off to make sure the ewes are used to being led...
  18. WolfeMomma

    Milk Question

    So, our Ewe just had a lamb about 5 days ago. He seems ok he is walking around ect. But the Ewe has almost no milk bag? We tried to get milk out, and couldn't get anything...but neither me or hubby are probably doing the right technique lol Should I think about feeding him with a bottle? Should...
  19. WolfeMomma

    Weaning at 60 Days

    Weaning at a little over 60 days ? is this ok to do. Im hoping to wean my Ram Lamb off his dam so he can head to his new home, he is eating grain/ hay and drinking water. I have looked around on google and advice seems to kind of be all over the place depending on what your operation is and type...
  20. WolfeMomma

    Lamb Questions

    Our 2 lambs are almost a month old now, and are already in to their mothers food and eating hay. Is this normal? Why did i think they would stick to just milk lol They seem very healthy, and active so im not too concerned. But as I am a bit of a newbie i wondered if that's how it usually goes.