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  1. Hipshot

    Goat squeeze chute ? Home made ?

    I need to handle my goats . I don't have enough to justify spending the money for a manufactured squeeze chute . Anybody build their own ? I did a search but came up empty .Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hipshot

    What is my buck goat

    Hello I have goats now for the first time, since I was a teenager . When we bought them the lady said the buck was a Nigerian Dwarf .:idunnoAnd recently told DW he was a Boar .That was after we showed her pictures of the kids he sired . I haven't a clue, when I was young a goat was a goat...
  3. Hipshot

    New to the herd

    Howdy all :frowWould say I'm new but wouldn't want to insult anyone's intelligence:gigI'm thinking about getting some goats and realized I know nothing about the ones I'm going to look at . I have questions lots of questions . I'll get to those later . The directive says I should do this first ...