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  1. Wild Bug Ranch

    How I started my little farm-Journey to goats

    I've always wanted to have sheep, and goats. And so we began our journey. we started building the pen and we got supplies from Tractor Supply Co. After we built the fence, we made our move to the barn. After we finished working on the barn, we searched for goats for sale. My dads buddy had 2...
  2. Wild Bug Ranch

    Is my wethers a buck?

    I have a Nigerian Dwarf wether baby who got wethered using a new method. His balls are growing and they are supposed to shrink. Did the method not work and he is a buck? How do I know? I can do pictures if needed to
  3. Wild Bug Ranch

    Nigerian Dwarf doe not in heat

    I have a one year old Nigerian Dwarf doe. And it has been over a month, coming into a month and a half that she has not gone into heat. We have no bucks around since we are not interested in breeding right now. How come she isn't in heat?
  4. Wild Bug Ranch

    New Additions

    I just got 2 new Nigerian Dwarf wethers, they are bonding really slowly with me. How do I make them bond? One is a bottle baby but is kinda weaned off but still needs it, and the other isn't a bottle baby. Both are 10-12 weeks old! Their mother and father are from Kickapoo Creek Nigerians, but...
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    How do you set up the legs of an Nigerian Dwarf doe?

    I am in 4H and since this Covid thing came, I had no more meetings, how do I set up the legs of my doe Dixie?
  6. Wild Bug Ranch

    Looking for Register Boer does.

    Hello y'all, I am looking for two Registered Boer does, good for breeding and grazing. Kids would be better since they are easier to train for 4H. I am located in Placerville, CA!