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  1. babsbag

    Reservation contract suggestions

    Because of the number of kids I will be having this year and the fact that I am paying someone to raise them I have decided to offer kids for sale as bottle babies before they are born. I would like to get non-refundable deposits unless the kid that they are wanting is not born. Does anyone have...
  2. babsbag

    The dangers of collars

    Had a scary moment today. I am working outside but dogs and goats are not within view, but I can hear them. Mia is in the barn and she won't go over the gate. The other dogs are out in the field and I hear some mild growling and barking and I figure that they found something yummy and they don't...
  3. babsbag

    Vaccine for Barber Pole worm in Australia Maybe some day in the US. Looks promising if you struggle with worming but it isn't a one time vaccine at all...6 weeks effectiveness. Interesting article.
  4. babsbag

    Lost a Goat to Bloat...

    Not a good day. In the 9 years that I have owned goats I have had one goat bloat...until last week. Last Thursday I got done milking and took one look at Taffy and went whoa...she was foaming at the mouth and slinging green cud everywhere. She was definitely bloated too. I got some Thera Bloat...
  5. babsbag

    Skinny Goat

    I have a goat that will not gain weight no matter what I do. She is clear of CL, CAE, Johne's. FAMACHA is good. She eats like a horse. All the alfalfa she wants plus grain, calf manna, alfalfa pellets, beet pulp, and BOSS. I am not milking her but she is still letting her doeling nurse. She...
  6. babsbag

    Recent Posts shows incorrect 'replied' time.

    Ok, this has been bugging me for a very long time so decided it was time to ask. Why does the time that a post was made show up incorrectly under "recent posts"? My time zone is correct and my computer is correct, and yet the time posted is 2 hours off. For a while I thought that is was showing...
  7. babsbag

    Bumblefoot...can't believe I am asking this on BYH...LOL

    OK, all you BYC members...Fine time for BYC to be in read only mode. :) I have had chickens for 8 years and have never had bumblefoot, until now. Is there a way to treat this that WORKS that doesn't involve surgery. There is no black scab, does that mean anything important?
  8. babsbag

    Problems with doe after kidding

    Thursday morning 3 year old doe delivers twins, no problems. I observer her starting to deliver the afterbirth and didn't wait around for it to complete. Kids are staying with their dam. All seems well, I notice some more after birth type discharge but don't see any real evidence in the pen, but...
  9. babsbag

    Puppy and hot wire troubles.

    I need some advice from some pros. I brought Alondra home about 2 weeks ago, she is 5 months old ASD and not really leashed trained. After a few days in the barn we went for walk in the field with the goats and she hit the hot wire, and screamed her head off. Ended that on a bad note. The next...
  10. babsbag

    Ear Infection in LaMancha Goat.

    Title pretty much says it all. She has had crusty ears for months but now one is oozing white gunk too, possibly puss but doesn't smell as bad as I would expect. I know she doesn't feel well and will start her on Oxcytet tomorrow after I grab a culture of her ear gunk. (I need sterile swabs...
  11. babsbag

    Jersey calf for meat???

    If I get the land next to me I have been thinking about raising a calf. I can get jersey bull calves for next to nothing (last year pretty much free). I would have goats' milk to raise them on until weaning but after that they would have some pasture but not much so I would have to supplement...
  12. babsbag

    Electric Fence question

    I have a different and new problem on my fence and I am hoping someone can help. @greybeard seems to be knowledgeable about all things fencing so maybe he will chime in here. I have no climb horse fencing with hot wire top and bottom using the standoff insulators. My energizer is DC. My...
  13. babsbag

    Raising up Rita (she kept her name)

    I found these puppies while looking for an LGD and posted their picture and the ad as a joke, wondering if they were half ice cream since I had never heard of a Neopolitan. A few people said that they wish they had one and one thing led to...
  14. babsbag

    Bees are tough to raise

    Yesterday I noticed a huge number of bees in the air around one hive. It was late in the day so I just let them be bees. This morning they were back at it so I know they are being robbed. I have a robber screen that I went and installed and it seemed to reduce the number of bees around the hive...
  15. babsbag

    Let's Talk About Corid and Cocci.

    I read about Corid and Cocci and I always have nothing but questions so I would love to tap into the minds of the many BYH members and sort this out. Personally my vet tells me that Corid is safe and I know producers that use it as a preventative and as a treatment. Many times Corid is the go...
  16. babsbag

    Thermosolar Hive

    A new and interesting way to treat mites, but only for the rich for now. Wish I had the money to invest, it sounds logical.
  17. babsbag

    Hive with no queen; should I combine it or requeen?

    OK, all you very knowledgeable beekeepers... Late this afternoon I noticed a group of about 6-8 bees on the ground about 15' from the hive. I thought this was a little strange so I took a closer look and there was a dead queen laying on the ground. I picked her up and put her a piece of plywood...
  18. babsbag

    Laying Workers

    Checked on my hive today and it appears that I have laying workers. Only drone brood and not much of it. Not many bees either and no queen to be found. I don't have another hive to give them brood so do I bring the hive home and just shake them off into my new nucs (which I am getting tomorrow)...
  19. babsbag

    Semen Tank

    I am thinking about buying a used semen tank from a friend. It is empty and not charged. Does any body have any experience with prices on a tank and what to look for when buying one?
  20. babsbag


    One of my Alpine does freshened on 2/14 with a single doeling. On 2/16 the doe did not fight for her hay so alarms went off in my head. First thing I took her temp...102.4, normal. The after birthing discharge looked and smelled normal, (yes, I smelled it) so next step was checking for mastitis...