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    Are they warts?

    I have a red baldy heifer with what appear to be warts on her neck. I dont see them anywhere else on her body. The steer she is with doesn't seem to have them.
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    Moldy Grain?

    Good morning, I have a new issue with my Heifer. My wife called me at work to let me know that our Heifer was limping and had scours. My assumption was the limp was due to her just getting up after having been laying down at night and the scours were because we had just fed them spent brewer's...
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    Minimum Cattle Worming Frequency

    Hello, I have noticed threads about how often you are supposed to worm cattle with Ivermectin pour on, but none that address how frequently you CAN administer. I have a 6 month old Red Baldy Heifer and steer. The heifer has a heavy worm load. I attempted to worm her after dark and...
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    Well Hello There

    Hello, I am new to Cattle. My wife and I just got 2 Red Baldies, a heifer and a steer. As we are new to the game, I am here to seek advice with issues that arise, as they are already doing. I hope to talk with many of you soon, Mark Suplee