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  1. littlegoat

    Save The House Sparrows

    The house sparrows are declining. People kill them and say they are aggressive, and poop a lot.. This is no excuse to kill them! They are living creatures, and there is no good reason to kill them. Please save the house sparrows. Put up bird houses, and let them use them. Some people see nesting...
  2. littlegoat

    Do Females Have Tusks?

    Hello, I am getting my first ever pigs today! I am rescuing them from a farm where they would have been raised for slaughter. They are still piglets. I am getting 2 females. Do the females have tusks? I assume they wouldn't right now, since they are piglets, but when they are older. Thanks...
  3. littlegoat

    My Chickens!

    This is Eddy This is Scribble, Eddy's son: This is Snapple: This is Licorice: This is Puff: This is Floppy: And I have like 40 other chickens too! :)
  4. littlegoat

    My Goats!

  5. littlegoat

    How Long To Pigs Need Milk?

    Hello! I may be rescuing 2 meat piglets on Friday. I am so excited, because chances are I will. They said they are 50 pounds, gave little info on age. I assume they have been eating fast-growth feed. I will be feeding them fresh produce when they are old enough. But, does a 50 pound piglet still...
  6. littlegoat

    Chicken picture contest!

    post pictures of your flock of chickens there will be a 1st place only No prize just for fun! post ure chickens name breed and gender! good luck!
  7. littlegoat

    My goats hate citrus

    My goats hate citrus peels. I was wondering can they eat citrus?
  8. littlegoat

    I am new!

    Hi I have 1 rabbit, 4 large newbian goats, 4 dogs, 23 chickens, 1 cat, and 1 gineau pig! I am also a member of BackYard Chickens! I have 1 qeustion how do I change my avatar?:frow