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  1. Goat Shaman

    Baby goat missing; possible predator

    I had a 6 week old baby Nigerian dwarf goat that was sickly and then she went missing on Tuesday (5/28). I looked everywhere for her to no avail. I'm thinking a predator came into the fenced area and got her. It obviously would be a predator that only goes for the weakest individuals, since...
  2. Goat Shaman

    Want to Build a Goat Barn

    I want to build a goat barn but I don't know where to begin. I milk my goats, and I want a barn where I can keep my feed and milk my does. They are in a fenced in area with a dinky little shelter and I think they need something better than a little shelter. Their feed is in my house and I...
  3. Goat Shaman

    Pig Questions

    I'm considering getting pigs, so I have some questions. Some may be irrelevant to a first time pig owner, but I'm curious. I'm currently reading a book that answers some of these questions, but other opinions from experienced pig owners would be helpful. Is it okay to start with one gilt, and...
  4. Goat Shaman

    Goat Shaman's Goats and other Critters

    I am in northeast Texas. It gets so hot in TX, I long for winter. I am a single man, the sole human inhabitant of my single wide mobile home. I share it with chinchillas, ferrets, rabbits, a dog, and a prairie dog. I live on 10 rented acres, but my goats are confined to a suitably-sized...
  5. Goat Shaman

    My Goats

    I have 5 goats. My male Ronin is my smallest and youngest; and he's a Nigerian Dwarf. My does are Bambina (a Nigerian Dwarf), Periwinkle (a Pygmy), Wanda (a Boer/Nubian mix), and her daughter Imzadi who's sire was a long haired pygmy who I sold several months ago. Keep in mind, I prefer having...
  6. Goat Shaman

    New in Northeast TX

    Hi, I have a backyard herd of 5 goats. Their names are Ronin, Periwinkle, Wanda, Imzadi, and Bambina. Each are individuals and have their own story. I wasn't raised in the country, and I got my first goats the day after Christmas on 2013, so I'm a relative newbie. I really enjoy country...