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  1. ChickenAndGoatLover

    Before breeding

    So, I know there is more than one way to skin a cat so I'd love to hear everyone's pre breeding practices. We have 6 Nigerian dwarf doe(ling)s. Two of which have kidded before (recently bought them together- one had already kidded and the second just kidded on May 5th on our farm) but we have...
  2. ChickenAndGoatLover

    Feeding underweight doe

    We have a 4 year old doe in milk. She kidded 5 weeks ago and we brought her to our farm 3 weeks ago with her babies. I'm not sure if her body is still going back to "normal" after kidding or if shes truly underweight but she looks and feels very underweight. I can feel her spine and on each side...
  3. ChickenAndGoatLover

    How close is kidding?

    Hi everyone! This is our first time with a pregnant doe and she got bred at her previous home accidentally. She is a Nigerian dwarf doe (3 years old) and this is her second freshening. She bagged up a couple weeks ago but it is really starting to fill up now. Her left ligament feels squishy...
  4. ChickenAndGoatLover

    Calf with eye gunk

    This am I went out to bring out some water to our goats and calf and found that our calf has a little bit of eye discharge. I didn't notice anything abnormal with his eyes themselves just small clumps of yellow discharge (in a clump like you see on dogs sometimes). There is nothing weeping and...
  5. ChickenAndGoatLover

    FF Nigerian dwarf

    How pregnant does this little girl look? She’s just a baby herself so I’m stressed about this and trying to figure as much out and plan as much as I can. It was not us that allowed her to get pregnant as a baby and we are aware of how risky this could be for her. We have a vet in contact as...
  6. ChickenAndGoatLover

    How are these guys?

    Quick background - we just bought a new house in a new state with a ton of land. A month or so after that, we bought our very first two Nigerian dwarf wethers.. they are the two closest to me in the photo (they are just under a year). We went to the farm next door to buy some hay and they had...
  7. ChickenAndGoatLover

    Nigerian dwarf wether peeing blood!

    Help!!! One of my (under 1 year) Nigerian dwarf wethers is urinating blood! We have two so I’m not sure which one! They are both eating and drinking. What do I do??? I don’t have vet access right now!
  8. ChickenAndGoatLover

    Introducing new herd members

    We currently have a small herd of Nigerian dwarf weathers (3). We are interested in adding an 8 week old doeling but are still pretty new to goats and I’m not quite sure how or if we can. Our 3 wethers are NOT disbudded but the doeling is. Will this pose any issues? Will integration be ok...
  9. ChickenAndGoatLover

    New to goats..

    Hello! We are very new to goats and we are going to be getting 4 Nigerian Dwarf goats (3 wethers and 1 doe). They are all 6 months old or under. They are going to have about 2 acres of forage to have access to at all times. It’s very tall and thick and plenty for what they’ll need. I was...