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    Ask away! Please don't hesitate, really! Even us who don't have sheep can learn from the questions. Please ask!
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    Barbados (Mabank, TX)
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    Starting a goat dairy herd

    Welcome! Have you read through Babsbag's thread Her dairy is in California so maybe most of the jump through the hoops that she had to do won't apply to you.
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    Alasguns Hopper Haven Rabbitry (Alaska)

    OK you have me intrigued... I know from experience that rabbit urine can kill plants, if used straight (unfortunate accident). What is your ratio for dilution? Odor is no problem as my closest neighbor is 5 miles away, and it a dairy... so they have no reason to complain. :) He is a nice...
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    Baby goats won’t take bottle

    They are 22 weeks old? That's way old enough for them to be off bottle and eating on their own. Are they eating hay?
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    Fishy’s Rabbitry 😊

    You could do "your first name" Rabbitry instead of Ranch.
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    Hey from an Alaskan Texan

    A big howdy and welcome from Erath County! We are almost neighbors, give or take a county or two. I've discovered that where I am if the plant says it wants sun it does quite well in light shade and plants that like some shade do well in heavier shade. We use all the bunny poop in the...
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    Mine love raisins. Treats are just that, a few every now and then.
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    A few nice photos! And some stories

    Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing.
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    Yellow gunk on inside of ear

    You are right, watching the popcorn in slow motion is funny... glad everything is going well. Cuties!!!!!! Thanks for posting.
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    Unsure of her due date

    Your responses are much too sane. Your doe is holding out until you are completely frazzled, have not had sleep for three days, and are existing on coffee as your sole substance. You could try tricking her and just casually mention that you are going away for the weekend. That may provoke her...
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    Goat Shaman's Goats and other Critters

    Sweet kids and a very handsome stud daddy! (but I'm partial to Nigerians)
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    Coronavirus Covid-19 Is it Affecting You and How?

    Better looking than some of the guys I dated in my misspent youth. ;)
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    Hello from Southwest Iowa!

    Welcome from finally thawed Texas! Glad you found us and am looking forward to reading your adventures. Please consider starting a journal, with lots and lots of pictures. We just love pictures.
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    Greetings from San Angelo, Tx! Super excited to be a new member 😃

    Welcome from Erath County! Glad to have another Texan joining us. Looking forward to reading your adventures in livestock.
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    Fred Flintstone Periodontal tool

    me too, @Alasgun.
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    Snow! In Texas! AGAIN!!!

    I'm sorry @Ffagirl22, the words that come to my mine are not printable. Such stupidity needs to be answered with an equally high price... If it isn't your property keep your GD hands off. There, cleaned it up for you.:hit:rant:rant:somad:somad:somad
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    Yellow gunk on inside of ear

    When you get back to us with the update on your pretty doe, let us know the # of kits and of course, pictures please and thank you! She may stand better for you if you bribe her with a piece of apple... distracts her attention.