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    Dewlap shedding?

    Hello guys. I have just bought two does.I was told they are NZ checkered giant crosses. They are supposed to be a year old and have had litters before. They. Both have nice dewlaps to prove that. However one of them( I named Bugs) has chunks (if that's the right word to describe it) of hair...
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    Pelt hair slipping

    Hey guys. I'm at he end of a pickle and everything was great up until two days ago. The hair started falling out. Do you think it could be because I didn't stir it enough? The hides all sunk so nothing was out of the water and the skin is still nice and white. No rotting at all but the hair is...
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    Truck on a Budget

    Hello all. I'm getting a job soon and so then I can save up for a truck. I would love to get a truck that can pull a three horse trailer. But since this would be my first job and only minimum wage until I finish college and can get another job in that field, I can't afford much. I was wondering...
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    Plants rabbit can/won't eat

    I'm planning on renovating my walk in rabbit cage. I have a area or two that I think some flowers or some type of plant like that would look nice in. I am going to grow grass over a majority of the cage. So does anyone know of a plant that either they won't eat or a plant that can keep up with...
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    Pregnant dog temp drop.

    Soo guys.. I was hoping this was the place to post but.... My mini poodle Annie is about 58 days pregnant. The first time I took her temp on the night of day 56 it was 98.9 then in the morning on day 57 it was 99.9 and 100.4 that night. And this morning on day 58 it was 98.8. I not sure what...
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    Grain stretcher

    Hello. Pretty soon I should be getting a job and so I have been planning out how much grain cost would be a month. I am planning on getting some Purina Ultium during the hardest winter months. I have three horses. Two are around 1000lbs and one is around maybe 600-700lbs. They will be getting...
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    Recommend any milking products?

    Hello,I was having a hard time finding a milking strainer that can strain into a jar. As well as a pail to milk into and some filters. Does anyone know of any they can recommend? Thank you guys
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    Decrease and than increase milk production

    Hello guys. I was looking into getting milking goats and I was wondering say you wanted to go on a vacation for 5 days maybe a week is it possible decrease production enough for that and then be able to pick it back up when you get back? It doesn't sound likely but here's to hoping! Thanks
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    Hello everyone. I had a litter of 7 rabbits. They would have been 6 weeks in three days. I checked on them last night and everyone was good but tonight.. only one is still alive but not doing well at all. Could it be coccidia? If not what else could it be? He is very lethargic and tired...
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    Arab, thoroughbred, a cross?

    Hello guys. My gelding Apollo is about 5 years old. I was told that he was an Arabian. To me he looks more thoroughbred-y until he start running around then he looks like an Arabian. What do you think he looks like? I was thinking he might be a cross between the two...? I don't have any...
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    Silver Fox Crossing/colors

    Hello everyone. I have only breed BB twice both times they were all black. (She is a silver fox) I was wondering if it is possible for her the throw other colors? Its kinda a stupid question but so far she has had 14 babies total and they all were black. She was being bred to a satin/NZ. This...
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    young kits and water

    Hello guys. My silver fox babies are 17 days now. I built an outdoor walk in type cage so the babies nest is in a rabbit house.When is it that the babies need water? I have been putting some weeds in the house for them to eat and they love it! I know they get some water from the weeds but is...
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    could she be pregnant or is it a health problem?

    Hey guys. So I have been having trouble breeding my silver fox since I got her about 6-12 months. I noticed tonight that she is really shedding mostly from her dewlap. none of the other bucks or does are shedding. And she look a little fatter but I cant say for sure...shes just uhh normally...
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    One doe kindled early and two late?

    Hello I breed my three does last month doe 1 (a silver fox) was on the 22nd. Rabbit 2 and 3 was bred both on the 23rd and 24th (don't know what they are but I'm thinking ZN) Well rabbit 3 had 6 healthy kits on the 22nd. Rabbits 1 and 2 sill haven't kindled and it's the 25. Why has one rabbit...
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    Walk in type rabbit cage

    Hey guys in May I will be building a walk in type rabbit cage. It will be 12x12. It will have wire over the top and the bottom do nothing can get in. And I will use plastic bens and cut a hole in the side for there shelter. Qestions I have. One is there anything I should be made aware of? Like...
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    I don't know what to think.....

    Guys something aweful happened. My silver fox had her babies but she didn't pull any fur so they all froze. She didn't even clean up the afterbirth it was frozen to all the hay. I burried the babies and tossed out the hay in the box. I was told she was two so I figured she had babies before. It...