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  1. norseofcourse

    Teresa & Mike CHS - Our journal

    Condolences on the loss of your aunt, glad you were able to be there with her.
  2. norseofcourse

    Injury to FF Udder

    Don't worry about not posting much - quite a few people post in 'spurts', as we have a lot going on sometimes. I hope your goat heals up ok, I keep picturing a goat wearing one of those collars they use for dogs and cats after surgery! Don't think that would work though...
  3. norseofcourse

    Luvmypets Journal: Changes

    I"m so sorry, what a terrible loss :(
  4. norseofcourse

    Changing goals and speed

    Looks great! And your little one is growing up so fast :)
  5. norseofcourse

    Hello, I am Angel from East Texas

    Welcome from Ohio, and glad your goats are doing better!
  6. norseofcourse

    First baby goat !!

    Congrats, and welcome from Ohio! How many goats do you have? What part of the country are you in?
  7. norseofcourse

    Heel Low ^~~^ ^~~^ ^~~^ Doggone It

    Congrats on the lambs!
  8. norseofcourse

    Non-Climb 2"x4" Horse Wire Fence

    Awesome job!!! What a massive amount of work, but isn't it wonderful to be done? Your sheep will soon explore that entire pasture, and will love being in there. Congrats!!
  9. norseofcourse


    I also don't know anyone who does a complete plowing or herbicide spraying on a pasture. I do know people who will spot-spray especially invasive or toxic plants (like poison hemlock). People also commonly apply herbicide to fencelines to keep vegetation down there. I prefer physical control...
  10. norseofcourse

    Hello from NW Indiana

    Welcome from Ohio! Lots of folks here with 5 to 10 acres (I have 6). Any thoughts of getting sheep or goats? Goats, and some breeds of sheep, are great for clearing out underbrush, and their droppings help improve the soil, too.
  11. norseofcourse

    New Member

    Welcome from Ohio, and congrats on your goats! What part of the country are you in?
  12. norseofcourse

    Hello from Iowa!

    Welcome from Ohio! I have sheep too, but not quite as many :-) What kind of sheep do you have, and what are you raising them for? (meat, wool, milk, something else?). How did lambing season go for you? We'd love to see some pics, too!
  13. norseofcourse

    Ewe lamb seems off

    I've got no ideas on what might be going on, but at least she doesn't seem to be in pain or distress. Hope she keeps doing ok and you may be able to figure out what's going on.
  14. norseofcourse

    Bug egg ID

    Actually they look like some kind of tiny little cup mushrooms...
  15. norseofcourse

    gettin too old for this kind of crap

    Ouch, hope you heal up soon. You had a helmet on I take it?
  16. norseofcourse

    Allow me to Introduce myself (some people will get it)

    Welcome from Ohio, congrats on your soon-to-be goats!
  17. norseofcourse

    SBC/GW's Journal- Spring shows DONE! & Update

    Glad the goats got rescued - that would be scary! Sorry about your toe, hope it heals up soon.
  18. norseofcourse

    norseofcourse's journal - spring and show update

    Yes, I sold one whole lamb fleece, some of another one, and a fair bit of roving. I will have more fleeces next year, including some adult fleeces with longer wool. I'll also have more roving. It's taken some time to sort through the fleeces I have and decide which ones to clean first to take...