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    Nice looking easy fence?

    Is there possibly a nice looking, easy to set up fence that would keep sheep and chickens in? We just need some fencing to keep them away from the house and cottage. We are dreaming of something we could put up ourselves. Is there any woven wire fencing that doesn’t need stretching with heavy...
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    Sheep to help me mow?

    Would it be a good idea for me to get a few sheep to help us comply with fire safety regulations? We have 3 1/4 acres, maybe 2 1/2 of those need mowing in the spring (Sonoma County). So far I have always done as much as I could myself, with a scythe, to compost and then called in some help with...
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    Hello! new member transplant from BYC here. Currently 12 hens. Chicken keeper in Sonoma County since spring 2016. Hopefully will add some sheep or goats in the future!