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  1. norseofcourse

    Norseofcourse's lambing 2017 - new pics

    Welcome to my fifth lambing season! The lineup is the same as last year, with the addition of one ewe, Druna (Icelandic for 'thunder'). This will be Druna's first lambing. Druna is morrit (brown) and white, and carries solid and grey pattern genes. She is also spotted. Bred with Elding...
  2. norseofcourse

    NE Ohio - want to buy or trade for various breed wool

    I'm in charge of a local spinner's and weaver's guild - they have taught me a lot so far, and I'm looking forward to learning much more. Every year we have a Guild Challenge/project. I had an idea for this year - give some raw fleece to each member, and have them clean, card, dye (if desired)...
  3. norseofcourse

    Orange sheep and goat yoga

    These were too good not to share! British farmer Pip Siimpson, in Troutbeck, has lost hundreds of sheep to rustlers in the last few years. So he spray painted the rest of his sheep - about 800 Cheviots - orange. Don't know if he's lost any since, but they'd sure be hard to miss...
  4. norseofcourse

    NE Ohio - Merino wether seeking good home

    I am posting this for a friend of mine. She had two sheep, but one was injured and didn't make it. She's been downsizing, so instead of getting a companion for Alphonse, she is hoping to find a good place for him. We talked about me taking him, but my sheep are much smaller than he is, and he...
  5. norseofcourse

    Question about a smiley

    I was just wondering if you might consider re-assigning different characters to one of the smileys. The Stick Out Tongue smiley :p frequently shows up when someone is talking about calcium: phosphorus ratios (it shows up as Ca:p or calcium:phosphorus). It's a bit confusing... I know a...
  6. norseofcourse

    Norseofcourse Lambing 2016 - recap and more pics

    Hard to believe this will be my fourth lambing season! Here's the lineup, with pictures I took last week. First is Rose, now nearly 4 years old, and one of my original two ewes. This will be her 4th lambing. She's had a single, single, then twins. She's got a nice stocky build, and her...
  7. norseofcourse

    The Thrifty Thread!

    Here's the place to share tips and tricks for making do, stretching resources, re-using and re-purposing things. We all know the 'typical' thrifty tips, like saving leftover vegetables for soup, making stock with chicken and turkey carcasses, and using baling twine for tying... well...
  8. norseofcourse

    Ohio - goat harness for sale

    (Sit down, this got a bit long :)) Offered for sale is your choice of nylon goat harness. Measurements are approximate (and were done flat) - the closer you are to the middle of the adjustable distance (as girth measurement), the more likely the harness will fit overall. My guess is these are...
  9. norseofcourse

    Bottlejaw worse after worming!?

    I've had to treat a few of the lambs for parasites lately. One in particular is worrying me. On July 26, I wormed three of the lambs with Valbazen - both of Rose's twins, and Gracie's (ex)ram lamb. None had bottlejaw. They all had pale eyelids - Gracie's lamb was the palest/ He had also...
  10. norseofcourse

    Sheep and goat owners - do you feed by the sun or the clock?

    With time change this weekend, I got to thinking, how do other livestock owners handle it? I feed twice a day, morning and evening (sheep, ponies). I have to feed more by the clock in the morning due to work. But in the evening, I've been trying to feed close to sundown, which gradually gets...
  11. norseofcourse

    Norseofcourse's lambing thread - 2015 - over, or not?

    Less than 3 weeks away from my first possible lambing date (March 16), so I thought I'd start a lambing thread (we need some balance to all those kidding threads :p ) !! I got a few pictures today. First up is Number 3, this is her first lambing. She is a nicely built, chunky little girl...
  12. norseofcourse

    Ewe aborted - preliminary test results

    When I went out to feed this evening, I found an aborted lamb in the run-in area :( It looked maybe a month or so away from being born. Tiny little hooves, completely formed body that didn't look deformed, and it looked like it might have been a ram lamb. No wool on it at all, just reddish...
  13. norseofcourse

    What are your signs of spring?

    I am sooooooo ready for spring!! We are more than halfway through winter, and around here we've got about six more weeks of winter, give or take a few (no matter what the groundhog says LOL). So, I was thinking of what I look for as spring arrives. I know all the normal signs of spring - the...
  14. norseofcourse

    NE Ohio - Icelandic ewe lamb for sale

    For sale is an Icelandic (unregistered) ewe lamb, born April 8, 2014 as a single. She is naturally polled (as were both her parents). This little girl is built like a tank, and is growing well. Her only color is on her head and one toe, so all of her double-coated wool will be white. This...
  15. norseofcourse

    What do you do with your goat/sheep/cow milk?

    I'm interesting in hearing what others do with their milk - I am milking my sheep, and so far I have made fudge, and I want to make cheese and maybe soap.
  16. norseofcourse

    Sheep milking - year three begins

    I have two ewes I'm trying to milk. I built a milk stand and started training sessions this past Saturday evening (twice a day on weekends, evening only on weekdays due to time). With pellets/corn I got them onto the milkstand (finally), and now they are jumping onto it well. However, when I...
  17. norseofcourse

    norseofcourse's journal - spring and show update

    OK, I'm taking the plunge! I love reading everyone's journals, so I thought I'd join in with my own. Here goes: 1. What state/province/country are you in and what is your climate like? Northeast Ohio - four fairly distinct seasons, zone 5 I think. 2. How many people are in your family...
  18. norseofcourse

    How do I get rid of the cows?

    I'm guessing the 'cows' to the left of each forum section do the same function as on the old forum - they are there if there are unread posts since the last time I was here? So far, every section still has a cow to the left. On the old forum, there was a way to 'mark all posts as read', but I...
  19. norseofcourse

    Ashland, Ohio fiber festival October 19, 2013 It's their second year, and they've got a fair number of vendors, I also plan to take some wool to a fiber mill that will be there. Anyone else going?
  20. norseofcourse

    Naked sheep pictures

    I got my sheep sheared today! I thought I'd share some pictures. Here are fluffy sheep this morning: Here is Rose being sheared: And as promised, here are some naked sheep :D