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  1. Isaac

    Rejected lamb tries to access udder from the back, instead of the side

    She knows she can't take care of 3 lambs. If we have triplets we always pull one. we have tried leaving them on the ewe but either they turn out not as large and kind of weak or one dies. It's always better to pull the one she doesn't want. If you feed it a full 25lb bag of milk replacer it will...
  2. Isaac

    What about this one...

  3. Isaac

    What about this one...

    I've got Wensleydale/Teeswater cross and colored Rambouilet.
  4. Isaac


    We don't vaccinate and we've never had a problem. Vaccinating your animals is usually not that good for them. If you shoot the vaccine in there leg they will usually go limp in that leg for a few days, at least with sheep they do. If you are looking to deworm feed them sainfoin hay. Willow...
  5. Isaac

    Baby wheezing post feed.

    How is she doing now? I have had bottle babies do the same thing after being fed, it happens when they drink the milk to fast and instead of it all going to its stomach, some milk goes into the lungs. They will usually cough it up, then they are fine. Hope that helps! Let me know how she is...
  6. Isaac


    She doesn't look pregnant to me. usually there teats will grow in size. When would she be due? How old is she?
  7. Isaac

    I am looking into sheep and have questions.

    If you are looking for a good movable fencing you can get it at I got the electric fencing and I moved it twice a day on one acre and its really easy to move, you just pull the posts out and put them one at a time in your hand then walk to where you want the fence put one post in...
  8. Isaac

    Suggestions please, kid won’t take bottle

    That's awesome! Glad you got him to take the bottle. We pull ours as soon as they are born and start them on a bottle right away so we can milk the mother. He will definitely do better if he is weaned at 2 months. Glad you got it to work!
  9. Isaac

    Nigerian Dwarf girl - First timer

    When she starts screaming she is having them. The best way to tell is her udder, if it's full of milk she will have it hopefully within the next few days, especially if her teats are full. although we have a goat that has had milk in her teats for a few months and has not had her babies yet...
  10. Isaac

    Goat abortions?

    Just let them be and see what happens. They should be fine; we bread ours there first year and they do fine. one even had two!
  11. Isaac

    Suggestions please, kid won’t take bottle

    You can wean goat kids at a month easily. If our goat kids have been on the mother for a month we wean them then milk the mother. It doesn't pay to try and get it to take a bottle; it's impossible, they won't take a bottle if they have been eating off there mother. we had one that ate off her...
  12. Isaac

    Very sad day on the farm

    Have you tried grain? I don't usually use grain to get my sheep to come to me and they still all come running when shake grain in a bucket.