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  1. BlessedWithGoats

    CL... It's no joke

    Now I understand the importance of testing for CL and buying tested animals. CL is no joke. :( I had a doe develop an abcess last year; it appeared that Latte ate something prickly which had to work it's way out. It could have been, and I'm still not sure. This year she got two more abcesses...
  2. BlessedWithGoats

    Prepping for Winter

    Hello Everyone! Winter is fast approaching. Some of you may remember the hard times I went through last winter, with liverflukes and pneumonia through the goat herd. I want to prepare as much as possible, and prevent these issues from happening again. So, does anyone have any specific things...
  3. BlessedWithGoats

    Showing them we Care

    There's been many that have gone through some sort of hardship lately. I wanted to create this thread to show them additional support. Feel free to tag someone that you know has gone through a hard time! @Southern by choice ... You are very dear to me, and I sympathize with your grief. I know...
  4. BlessedWithGoats

    Round bales

    Hello BYH-ers! I'm looking at hay possibilities for the winter and was thinking about round bales... how many bales do you think would be needed to last from Oct-May for medium and large sized goats? About 15 goats? We have pretty cold winters here too. Thanks! BWG
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    Corid Milk Withdrawal time

    Hi everyone! How long after a doe has been given Corid (9.6% liquid form) is the milk safe to drink? Thanks!!
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    Something nice about...

    Hi everyone! This thread is for saying nice things about other BYH-ers! You would tag a BYH-er, then say something that you like about them, something that they do well, etc. :) You don't have to be the next to post if you were tagged, and anyone is welcome to post here! @animalmom... You're...
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    How to move forward with training

    Hello! I have an almost 2 year old Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix that I am hoping you can give me advice on. :) First I must say, I've made a mistake by not getting him in with the stock asap. :( But I have faith in him, that he can be trustworthy with the goats in the future, my...
  8. BlessedWithGoats

    Will milking once a day decrease milk production?

    I've been milking my goats twice a day, but as winter is coming on, it will be harder on me to do that... if I start milking them only once a day, will their milk production decrease? Thanks!
  9. BlessedWithGoats

    Goat's milk for baby bunnies??

    I have two little kits that are 6 days old that just lost their mommy. In the event that we can't get our other doe to be a surrogate mommy, can I drop-feed these bunnies with fresh goat's milk? I milk twice a day, so could give it to them fresh. Thanks in advance! BWG
  10. BlessedWithGoats

    Residue on the udder?

    My doe Cookie, due in June, had some residue on her udder this morning... it looks like something you might find if a baby had been drinking and her udder never got cleaned off... like dried milk. It was not a whole lot, and it wasn't all over her udder, just on her teats. Is this normal? Thanks!!
  11. BlessedWithGoats

    Thread for Southern by Choice

    @Southern by choice... this thread is for you! I just want to say I really appreciate you and look up to you. :) Glad I've been able to meet you now that I joined BYH! :) So I found out you haven't been feeling too good... just got the idea to start this thread, and here I am. :) Anyone who...
  12. BlessedWithGoats

    BlessedWithGoats' kindling thread

    Hi y'all! :) I bred my mixed-breed doe Violet on the 20th of April, so hopefully I will see baby bunnies around May 21st! :) This will be Violet's 2nd litter... her first litter she had 7, and out of the 7, two lived. I have both of the ones that lived... one may be going to a new home in the...
  13. BlessedWithGoats

    How to tell if a goat is pregnant

    I know that it can be hard to tell if a goat is pregnant, but I've also heard that people who've had their goats for a few years can pretty much tell if they are pregnant or not. (I'm sure there's other people who haven't had them for years that can tell too! :) ) So my question is... what works...
  14. BlessedWithGoats

    Normal pregnant-goat behavior?

    On Sunday my two does that I believe to be pregnant were doing quite a bit of stretching (between the two of them; Cookie did it the most). It looks like the opposite of arching their back... is this normal behavior for a pregnant goat? They're still around at least two months away from being due...
  15. BlessedWithGoats

    Question about Breeding

    Hi everyone! Today I put my two pregnant (I believe they are anyway) does in a moveable pen with my buck and sister's wether, so that they could graze... Bergamot the buck decided to try to mount Cookie, one of the does, and I'm just wondering if that would be a potential problem? I took him out...
  16. BlessedWithGoats

    Question about goat birth if help is needed

    I'm hoping that all will go well when my does have their kids this Spring/Summer, but I also want to make sure that I am prepared in the event of an emergency. :) If a kid is not coming out properly and I need to help it come out, would it be better to wear gloves or not? I have some gloves (I...
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    Which large breed is a better dairy goat?

    I might look into getting a larger breed of dairy goat in the future, so we can get more milk per goat... I was interested in Toggenburgs, but I've read that they have a different-tasting milk, which wouldn't be something I would care to get into at this point. (I thank y'all for sharing that...
  18. BlessedWithGoats

    BlessedWithGoats Journal: Happy Birthday Gia!

    I might sound a little confusing on my posts... I say that my does are expecting kids for the first time, but yet I've milked a goat... I'll explain. :) I got my first two goats (both of my does) in June 2014. That same month, my Dad got a doe (sister to Latte) that was in milk. (Terminology??)...
  19. BlessedWithGoats

    Iodine used at birth?

    Hello! I've read/heard that you need to use iodine to dip the kids navel in when it is born... why is this, do you do it, and where could I get it? :hu Thanks!
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    BlessedWithGoats Kidding Thread

    I have two does, both mixes (Alpine/Saanen/Nubian, Alpine/Saanen), that were running with my Nigerian Dwarf buck since January, so I am hoping (and think!) that they both are pregnant and due starting in June! :D This is super exciting, and it's also the first time for both my does and me! :D...