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  1. GAF

    Watery eye

    One of the Bucks has had a watery eye for maybe a month. His eye is not red or cloudy. What should I do? Does he need oxytrecaline? Maybe just allergies?
  2. GAF

    Goat got into grain bin- how do I prevent bloat?

    One of our goats got into the feed bin when I was not looking and ate a ton. How do I prevent bloat? I gave her some baking soda. Should I give vinegar or probiotics? Activated charcoal? oil? Salt? Vitamin B complex? Should I withold water? She did this about 5 minutes ago.
  3. GAF

    Stomach Tubing

    I have never had to stomach tube a goat, and hopefully won' t have to, but I really should know how. I have watched videos and read some articles, but if anyone has some tips I would love to hear them! Do you aim for the left side of the throat?
  4. GAF

    First Fresheners

    I have a Saanen FF who is giving 2 quarts a day. I also have a FF Nigerian Dwarf who gives a quart a day. Should I expect an increase in milk production in future years, or is that about as good as it will get?☺
  5. GAF

    Nigerian Dwarf goat losing fur

    My Nigerian Dwarf doe has a small patch of fur on her side that has started thinning this past week. I put some anti-fungal cream on it today, but it is not very circular like ringworm... Her skin is not flaky and the rest of her coat is sleek and looks fine. She gets loose minerals, free...