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    Upper midwest blizzard

    I live in South Dakota, and we have had an April 2 day blizzard, with up to 20" of snow, 40 - 60 mph winds, and in some places, ice on everything. The loss of calves, lambs and other livestock has been terrible. Personally, I've lost 4 calves since yesterday. We happen to live in an area...
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    2017 bull sales underway

    The 2017 bull sales began in January. There have been many sales so far, and most have been a success, with prices staying very near the highs of previous years. This week, I will be attending a Simmental sale in North Dakota, and an Angus sale in South Dakota. These sellers are my AI...
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    AI season is here!

    Yesterday, 3 of my colleagues and I bred 450 black heifers in around 5 hours. The heifers were obviously synchronized, and we had wonderful facilities to handle them. Today I will synchronize around 30 more heifers, and tomorrow I will synchronize 300+. The ability to successfully breed large...
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    Just my luck---again this year!

    Well, calving season has begun. I backed the herd off some this year because calving season was torture last year with snow and unbearable cold every day in early-mid March. So---last summer I synchronized the heifers and a few cows to calve around the first week in April. Bred them...
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    Almost ready for winter!

    Finished moving all the cattle home this afternoon. Still need to work the calves and move about 50 bales home, and we'll be ready for the dreaded winter. Let's hope it's a mild one for a change.
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    Breeding season has started!

    Last Saturday, I bred 48 heifers and cows. Friday, I bred 30 heifers, and yesterday, I helped breed 80+ heifers. I guess breeding season has begun for the year. Will be lining up some of the bigger herds this coming week. One is around 400 head, and the other is 600+. Luckily I will have...
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    Fixed time AI:

    'As AI technology improves, so do cattle' Here's the link:
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    2013 Bull sale in ND

    The buyer is lucky I wasn't there. I would have never let this bull sell this cheap. Only problem might have been when I got home to the wife.
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    Third trimester of pregnancy

    Since we will be calving in mid/late March, our cows have entered their third trimester of pregnancy. This means that they will require a bit more energy and protein each week as their calves grow. It is also very important that they get a good quality mineral and salt to ensure that the in...
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    2012 in review

    2012---It started out as one of the warmest winters in decades. Saved us a lot of $$$ on feed, heating our buildings, and vehicle fuel and repairs. With the lack of snow, it was a relatively dry (meaning no mud during calving) spring. We had good luck with our calf crop, and only lost a...
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    Just got 1.23" of life giving rain! Should be a boon for the corn crop, beans, pastures, gardens, outlooks of my neighbors, and lawns. Once again, we have been blessed!!! Still have 40 acres of hay to put up. Glad I didn't cut it yesterday. Monday it will come down.
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    This didn't need to happen!

    To all my friends at BYH: Over the years I have been a strict, vocal advocate of dehorning your animals, and also to take special precautions when handling any cattle. Here is an example of why I feel this way: Sunday, April 1, 2012, Southwestern Wisconsin farmer killed in bull attack A...
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    Bull sale

    Went to a bull sale today in NE South Dakota. A well known Angus breeder who offered 50 yearling bulls at auction. The top bull brought $26,000, and second high seller brought $23,000. Many of the lesser bulls were in the $5,000 - $10,000 range. Some of the younger, smaller bulls in the...
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    Lowlines at auction

    I went to an auction barn in Minnesota today. During the sale, they sole about 12 - 15 Lowline cows. They were all tested bred, and weighed around 450 - 650 lbs. Seemed to be well cared for, and in good shape. Calving dates were next spring. Problem was that the price was in the $200 - $300...
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    Electric dehorner/disbudder

    I have a brand new electric dehorner/disbudder that has never been used. I got it at an auction sale recently, and already had one of my own, so I have no use for this new one. If interested, PM me.
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    A million sheep sheared!

    This is the guy who sheared our sheep when we still had them. He and his family lived on the farm next to ours, less than 1/4 mile from us. I still see Don nearly every week. He has lost much of his sight to macular degeneration, but still drives his 4 wheeler around the area. Tough old...
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    I'm a bit anxious about this.

    Last week, my soon to be 94 year old father had a bad gallbladder attack. He had pain in his left quadrant, and we were concerned that it might have been cardiac related. However, his EKG and enzymes were negative (thankfully), so they did an ultrasound and found gallstones. We have him...
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    OOOOOOOOOOH! I ate just like a pig yesterday. Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes with melted marshmallows on them, baked beans with little sausages in them, deer sausage, green beans, fruit salad, candied carrots, lefse, pumpkin pie, walnut pie...
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    Old boars

    Back about 30 - 35 years ago, I hauled a very good, registered Yorkshire boar to the sale barn. He had gotten very large (nearly 800 lbs), and we had too many of his daughters in the herd to continue using him. We called him big Herman. He was quite gentle, but he had tusks about 3 - 4 inches...
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    The ultimate beef bull?

    A video of some of the most muscular cattle in the world. Graphic pics of "collecting" a bull.