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  1. Pastor Dave

    Hay Baler

    Has anyone had any experience or luck with a stationary hay baler that sits on saw horses that is manually fed? I can't find a recently made model. The ones I read abt are antiques. It sure seems like it would beat buying a square baler and maintaining it.
  2. Pastor Dave

    Purple Dead-Nettle

    I am seeing this all over the ground here, and after a little research, found out it is edible, nutritious, and has good health qualities. It is of the mint family, but doesn't taste minty. Is it good for forage animals? More importantly to me, is it safe for domestic rabbits? @Bunnylady...
  3. Pastor Dave

    Pastor Dave's Highlights

    Most on here have "seen" me by now, or I have shown up on your journal posts. I have had to post pics or comments on others, that I thought I might as well begin something of my own. I have enjoyed all your journals and plan to stay active, but from time to time want to share some stuff. Hope...
  4. Pastor Dave

    Buck not eating

    Good morning folks, I have a senior buck that will be 2 in January. For the last couple days he has not eaten, barely drank, and doesn't move around much. I would like to do something before it goes on much longer. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Dave
  5. Pastor Dave

    Dosage Question

    I was told by another breeder and rabbit judge acquaintance of mine to treat a doe of mine with 1cc of penicillin for 10lbs, every other day for 10 days subcutaneous. The problem is the penicillin I bought at TSC says on it to use 2cc for 150lbs. I do not know what I should have purchased to...
  6. Pastor Dave

    Doe losing kits

    I am so frustrated at the moment. First time NZW doe kindled normally with a total of 8, but one still-born. She didn't seem to pull enough fur, but did attempt to make a nest. She has lost all but two in the last 5 days. I tried about everything I know. I have seen her get in the nest box nose...
  7. Pastor Dave

    Is this Mammary Mastitis?

    I hate to keep posting this stuff. I could use some help again from @Bunnylady , @Samantha drawz , and any of the rest that has dealt with this before. I am just getting past the dwarf with the sores, and noticed this. Young mother on her second litter, born a week ago. I looked up mastitis...
  8. Pastor Dave

    Treating Open Ulcers

    Ok, I prefer to be on the receiving end of these and able to offer assistance, but I have a problem. @Bunnylady and @Samantha drawz or anyone else that has dealt with something similar, help please. I have a 10 week old bunny that is the remainder out of a litter of seven that did not get...
  9. Pastor Dave

    Rabbit and Noodle Casserole

    This is real easy, but probably fairly high in calories. You can substitute with Reduced fat soups. Cook and shred the meat. I get about 4-1/2 to 5 cups of cooked shredded meat out of one young fryer. Use approx 2 cups of shredded meat( You can substitute in chicken if you go for poultry). Mix...
  10. Pastor Dave

    Heating in Rabbit Shed

    Hello everybody in the BYH Rabbitry world, I am new to the site, and am enjoying the content. I started back up raising rabbits after a twenty year absence. Things are going fine, but I have a general question about heating. Mine are in a non-insulated shed. I put straw in the cages when the...
  11. Pastor Dave

    Butchering tomorrow after long absence

    Hello, I am new to the site. I am a Hoosier, Pastor with a wife and two sons. I am introducing myself a little and asking for suggestions at the same time. When I was ten my family got into meat rabbits. We grew easily, and went strong for ten years. My folks decided to stop while I was in...