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  1. june2013

    Buffalo/Yaks and Goats

    I'm interested in raising buffalo/yaks if I do manage to get enough land one day. My heart is set on at least a pair of goats, however. I've also heard of water buffalo and yaks being a dream! I'm still considering which to choose if they're okay with goats. Seriously, I need goats in meh life...
  2. june2013

    LGD space?

    I've done some research on LGDs. I'll be moving somewhere with an acre or two and I've heard that's too small for an actual LGD? I'm thinking about raising a Komondor, if that matters much. He'd be protecting poultry and rabbits, very possible goats or horses (I'm still considering the space I...
  3. june2013

    A Noobie :)

    Hello!! I live in SoCal and am new to everything! I have never raised any livestock, just dogs in the past. I am moving from where I currently live to a much larger home. Still house hunting, but it definitely will have at least one acre. (I've actually found a few places... I'm trying to live...