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  1. Stubbornhillfarm

    Puppies have all found Great Homes!

    Love them all, but really love the muddy one. It never ceases to amaze me how they can look like that one minute and hours later, all white and fluffy again. Thank you for sharing and congrats on find good homes for the pups!
  2. Stubbornhillfarm

    "Minnie" blurb (Pup #3) PICS!!!

    Congratulations! How sweet.
  3. Stubbornhillfarm

    Spay/Neuter your LGD?

    Welcome Lone Oaks. Both my male and female LGD's are neutered/spayed. It did not effect their guarding abilities.
  4. Stubbornhillfarm

    A few random pics of the dogs!

    Great working pictures! Love it!
  5. Stubbornhillfarm

    The pups are growing fast. Update picture 09/2013

    A little bit bigger, but still the same. :D
  6. Stubbornhillfarm

    Update on my two naughty Pyrenees!

    They are looking great! What a couple of good kids!
  7. Stubbornhillfarm

    Calf With Runny Eyes

    We don't have pasture yet. Our ground is very dusty. Our cows eyes off and on will weep like that. For some reason, when we had our Jerseys, theirs seemed to do it more often. But it does happen to our other cows as well. I would just keep an eye on but not panic.
  8. Stubbornhillfarm

    Drift ran away!!! Sad update

    Oh my goodness.... I am so sorry....:hugs I think that I would be getting at least a cheap game camera and putting it out to see if someone is in fact messing with your stuff. It does sound like he possibly was poisoned. We don't have poisonous snakes around here, so I really don't know...
  9. Stubbornhillfarm

    Watch the instinct kick in! (video)

    Glad you enjoyed it Southern and BJ. They are so much fun to watch.
  10. Stubbornhillfarm

    Watch the instinct kick in! (video)

    As he should be! That's a good thing. :D
  11. Stubbornhillfarm

    Is she too thin?

    I am happy to say that we did go and see them in person yesterday afternoon. They are now on pasture and although the cow in question still is a bit thin, she is not looking like that any more. Seems as though the owner thinks that she is letting both of the calves in the picture nurse from...
  12. Stubbornhillfarm

    Is she too thin?

    jhm47 and bcnewe2, can be deceiving either way I suppose. Our cow that has a calf roughly the same age (based on size) looks amazing but I know she came from great stock. We were thinking that maybe we can just get the calf. Not that we need one more animal to feed, but they...
  13. Stubbornhillfarm

    Watch the instinct kick in! (video)

    The longer I have these pups, the more and more amazed I am by them. They are playing and then all of a sudden...they hear something out of the ordinary and instinct kicks in! <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0"...
  14. Stubbornhillfarm

    This is what happy pigs do. (video)

    I think they are enjoying their home grown tomatoes.
  15. Stubbornhillfarm

    Is she too thin?

    What do you guys think about this? Another ad just for the cow says that she may be bred. In my opinion she is WAY too thin. But I am wondering if we could get some meat back on her or if it looks like there may be other underlying issues. I am...
  16. Stubbornhillfarm

    PYR PUPS ARE HERE! pics finally

    I love their ears! So cute. And how smart of momma. That hole sounds like a nice place to hang out and stay cool.
  17. Stubbornhillfarm

    I hope their winter coat isn't any indication....

    It's not hot here anymore. Just warm. Getting down into the upper 50's at night. It is effecting them though. They usually wrestle and run around in the evening and play hard. The last two nights, they just play for a minute and then wander around. I can't imagine wearing a fur coat this...
  18. Stubbornhillfarm

    I hope their winter coat isn't any indication....

    Of the winter temps we have ahead. In the last 2 days, our dogs have gone from summer coats to "Whoa, where did you get those polar bears!" Literally, there collars were fitting nicely. All of a sudden their neck fur is coming in so thick we will have to loosen tonight when we get home...
  19. Stubbornhillfarm

    Need some advice on possible new LGD

    He sounds like he is doing a great job. Congrats!
  20. Stubbornhillfarm

    PYR PUPS ARE HERE! pics finally

    Congratulations! Sorry for your loss. But sounds like Winnie is doing a great job! :thumbsup