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    Holes in pasture, dangerous?

    I have two beautiful livestock guardian dogs who do their job wonderfully. However, this spring they began digging huge holes all over the pasture, trying to catch the moles (we have LOTS of moles.) We can live with a few holes here and there and just fill them in, but they have dug SO many, and...
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    How soon before birth does milk come in?

    I have a ewe that we thought was in labor three weeks ago, but it must have been false labor. Anyways, we have been checking her weekly, checked today, and she still has milk when we squeeze her, but her udder is still fairly small. Do ewes have milk this long before birth (3 weeks already...
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    Hello from Spokane

    Hi there! I am a new member, and pretty new to having sheep. Last Spring we got a small starter flock of Finn sheep. One of our ewes delivered Thursday, and we have added two beautiful lambs to our flock. They are Finn sheep. Please be patient with me and my posts, we came into this with no...
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    Ewe harshly head butting other ewe’s lamb

    Hello! I am new, to both this forum and lambing. One of our ewes gave birth 5 days ago to twins. They were in a jug for 3 days, and the last two days have been out in the small paddock with the other two ewes during the day. Yesterday all went well. Today one of the ewes ( who has always been on...