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  1. Stubbornhillfarm

    Watch the instinct kick in! (video)

    The longer I have these pups, the more and more amazed I am by them. They are playing and then all of a sudden...they hear something out of the ordinary and instinct kicks in! <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0"...
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    This is what happy pigs do. (video)

    I think they are enjoying their home grown tomatoes.
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    Is she too thin?

    What do you guys think about this? Another ad just for the cow says that she may be bred. In my opinion she is WAY too thin. But I am wondering if we could get some meat back on her or if it looks like there may be other underlying issues. I am...
  4. Stubbornhillfarm

    I hope their winter coat isn't any indication....

    Of the winter temps we have ahead. In the last 2 days, our dogs have gone from summer coats to "Whoa, where did you get those polar bears!" Literally, there collars were fitting nicely. All of a sudden their neck fur is coming in so thick we will have to loosen tonight when we get home...
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    Random Farm Pictures from vacation week

    Just before sunset after a rain storm. Our grand-daughter helping with farm chores. Some call it manual labor...We call it learning responsibility and having fun. :D Redneck swimming pool. One of the coolest frogs I've ever seen. The brown was literally copper color with sparkles...
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    Be careful what you name your dogs, "Wisdom" is just too smart!!

    Our dog Wisdom uses hers to the fullest! The dogs took off on a joy walk on Saturday. I saw them leaving. I called...they stopped, looked at me and then proceeded on their walk. I was no where close to them. So I yelled to the farmer who was in the barn but much closer. He went after them...
  7. Stubbornhillfarm

    My little LGD protecting our grandson

    This is the farmer holding our grandson. (Yes, I know...he is the cutest little boy ever created. :D ) This is the first time taking the pups on a walk with us. Instead of racing around and playing like wild banchees like they usually do, the pups stuck very close to us, well behaved and when...
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    Demeanor has changed

    We had our Female LGD spayed about a month ago. Over the last week or so, we have really noticed her demeanor changing towards us. She is very loving now, affectionate and wants to be near us more. She is still fierce with her brother when they are wrestling and she always wins even though he...
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    This is our first spring/summer with our dogs. (13 months old) Do they normally shed their ENTIRE undercoat? Ours are. That undercoat is completely coming out and all that is left is their long top coat. I am sure it is much more comfortable for them. But they don't have a lot of hair left...
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    Do any of you use those "tube dusters"?

    Sorry, for lack of knowing what the real name is...They look like a great long tube sock and you must put powder in them. When the cattle walk under they get dusted and it keeps flies off. Does anyone use them? Is it worth it? I am thinking about maybe getting one but don't want to waste my...
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    I'd think twice

    Last night, I had brought our 2 LGD's inside the house around 9pm. They get some in the house time every morning and evening. I had been the only one home for a few hours and I brought them inside. They were down stairs, I was upstairs. The farmer came home aknowledged them and came up...
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    Bull calf trying to get a yearling heifer to play - video

    He was doing his best to get this heifer to play last night. She wasn't having any part of it. Edited to add new link that hopefully works.
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    Under Cover

    Looked out the window this morning to see that the calf had been covered by hay and was happily just laying there chewing his cud. Then he put his head down and took a nap. We thought it was funny, because it was slightly rainning out and he was snug as a bug.
  14. Stubbornhillfarm

    LGD not eating like normal

    Our 1 year old female has not been eating much the last few days. She does it a little, plays and does everything else like normal. We are having logging done and they started a few days ago as well. My guess is that she is stressed out with all of the noise, different people and change in...
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    Pasture in the making

    Yesterday the grapler and other equipment showed up. Within 3 hours, they had made quite a dent in our woods that we will someday have as pasture. These are not the greatest pictures and are really decieving. You can't tell how big this machine is, but yes, that is a grown man sitting inside...
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    What have your LGD's done and still love them?!

    Our pups turn 1 year old today. They are amazing dogs and we love them. HOWEVER...yesterday, they were in the basement (which is our family room) eating their breakfast, just like every other day. All of a sudden I heard a strange noise. The farmer went down stairs to find that "someone" had...
  17. Stubbornhillfarm

    Magnets in your cows?

    Do any of you have magnets in your cows? We are purchasing two heifers and the farmers we are getting them from said that they each already have magnets in their stomaches and that we should get one for our heifer that we currently have. I've never heard of such a thing. They said that any...
  18. Stubbornhillfarm

    Getting a new pregnant heifer. Updated...change of plans already!

    The farmer and I sold our two Jersey steer about a month ago give or take. Since then, it has been pretty boring with only 2 in the herd. We have been searching high and low within a tri-state area for some nice Hereford. We finally found what we are looking for pretty close by. We went...
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    Does this look like a good deal to get first goats or not?

    Found this add. Looked at their web site. It seems legit. They are about 4 hours away from us, but for the price it seems worth the drive. I understand you get what you pay for, etc. But being that we have never raised goats, I am not sure I can justify $200-$300 per doeling either...
  20. Stubbornhillfarm

    Goat Terminology

    Is there a tab on here anywhere with goat terminology? For those of us new to the goat world I think it would be really valuable. Like, wether: freshening: buds: etc. and the list goes on. I know all of this stuff seems very elementary after a while, but if you are just jumping in, I...