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  1. carolinagirl

    Saw the grossest thing in the world.... please tell me this is normal!

    Y'all are scaring the crap out of me. I have had bucks n the past, years ago. I had forgotten about this aspect of them. The reason I am now shaking n my boots is I am picking up two bucklings this weekend. One is 6 months old and will be used for breeding my girls this year and then be...
  2. carolinagirl

    Can anyone reccomend a good pet transporter?

    I used a transporter I found on U-ship. The price was really reasonable and the pups were healthy when they arrived. The transporter did not get them to me as quickly as he said he would and ended up doing a lot of pick-ups and drop-offs on the way, plus an overnight stay that was unplanned...
  3. carolinagirl

    LGD caught eating a chicken

    An adult livestock guardian dog will usually eat whatever dies in his pasture. They know that dead animals draw predators so generations of instincts tell them to clean up messes. so don't stress too much about them eating the chicken. It was dead (even though they did it) so they ate it...
  4. carolinagirl

    Use of Recovery Collar?? oh...these? Amazon has good prices.
  5. carolinagirl

    Use of Recovery Collar??

    what is a recovery collar?
  6. carolinagirl

    Great Pyrenees... **UPDATE W/PUPPY PICS on pg 8**

    They are cute! And just so you know....purebred pyrs frequently do have the spots. They usually fade to the point that you can't see them on adults though.
  7. carolinagirl

    I think I am going to have a big girl on my hands...

    For giant breeds, you can double their 6 month weight as an estimated adult weight. She's gonna be a big girl!
  8. carolinagirl

    Pyr's in the heat

    I depends on how much you socialize them with strangers. I know plenty of people who have tolies as house dogs and show dogs. I socialize mine a lot and have no trouble with them being aggressive, of course they are not mature yet either so that could change. They are more aggressive then pyrs.
  9. carolinagirl

    Looking for Dorpers *update page 2

    yep...I think you will be fine with type 3
  10. carolinagirl

    Looking for Dorpers *update page 2

    Type 5 - Very good stock, especially for Stud programs Type 4 - Good stock for both Stud and Commercial purposes Type 3 - Used in breeding programs though probably best in Commercial flocks Type 2 - Commercial standard animal Type 1 - Cull these animals, they have several problems you don't...
  11. carolinagirl

    Pyr's in the heat

    They have a very thick coat in the winter but shed out their undercoat in the spring. Most have shorter coat, a few are long coated. When I say short, not like boxer fur but shorter like German Shepherd fur. It's very low maintenance. I'll brush mine soon to help them shed out their...
  12. carolinagirl

    Pyr's in the heat

    Belly shave is good because they can cool themselves better by laying in cool dirt or water. Don't shave them all over though. The double coat actually acts as an insulator from the heat. Many folks in Texas use Anatolian Shepherds because their coats are much shorter, sort of similar to the...
  13. carolinagirl

    sara teh pyr shepard cross

    on one had you have genetics that lack a prey's genes say "don't chase". GPs are very low energy watchful dogs, which are completely unsuitable for herding. Then you have genetics that say to round them up, which is controlled chasing. Personally, I would not bother trying to make...
  14. carolinagirl

    Got an acreage, ready to begin!

    Goats will clear it out nicely, just be aware that goats LOVE tree bark. They will strip a tree clean of it's bark and kill it. They like some trees better than others.
  15. carolinagirl

    Best Companion

    If that horse is not used to goats, you may have a lot of trouble getting him to accept the goat as a buddy and not something he needs to stomp on. You might be better off getting a small pony for him.
  16. carolinagirl

    Best profitable animals?

    I think sheep can be the most profitable. See what the ethnic market in your area is though because in some areas, goats do very well. It's often more profitable to just buy, grow out for a brief period of time and sell them for meat. This applies to goats and sheep. I find sheep cheaper to...
  17. carolinagirl

    Little pup and aggressive/territorial sheep?

    My dogs (Anatolian shepherds) were kenneled next to the sheep for months and loose with them for month more before the sheep finally relaxed. And then it was only because the dogs were very submissive to the sheep. Sheep are not too bright and panic easily. they know they are prey animals and...
  18. carolinagirl

    UPDATE Miller is thriving... mommy sheep is lopsided.. thoughts?

    And I thought only goats were drama queens. Looks like sheep are too.
  19. carolinagirl

    First Katahdin lamb might arrive today

    Aw, sorry you lost the ewe Liz! that's always so hard. I remember those days from goats. It's never easy with these animals. Still no lambs here. I finally had enough of her constant hollering to be with the rest of the sheep and turned her loose. I moved my LGD pups out of the pasture...
  20. carolinagirl

    anyone experienced with Pyr./Anatolian cross

    Pyrs bark a lot and have heavy coats. And they kind of have a soft temperament. Anatolians have a shorter coat, don't bark all night for no reason and are a little more aggressive in their temperament. People cross the two hoping for a blend of temperaments....something with a shorter coat...