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  1. Scooby308

    Possibly mini Nubians on the way

    Found a lady near me that has 2 unrelated doelings and an unrelated buckling for sale. She seems to know something about goats (a pleasant surprise compared to most owners around here). Working out a date to go look at them. Too excited!!!
  2. Scooby308

    Awwww...pests. Or should I turkey farm?

    I know folks love turkey hunting so don't hate me. Back in the day in KY there were very few turkeys. You could go out in shorts and lay in the grass and never have an issue with biting nastiest we call no see-ems. Those are also known as turkey mites. The state brought them back in from other...
  3. Scooby308

    I have this old charger...not house

    I found my grandfather's old fence charger. He used it around his yard in town to keep the dogs in and strangers out. As I remember it shocked the pee water out of me, but I was pre double digits the last time that happened. I can't find a manual online and Sears was less than helpful. They do...
  4. Scooby308

    How bad are coyotes in KY?

    New legislation to kill anytime with nearly any means.
  5. Scooby308

    Concrete fence posts

    Been reading on making them and even have an idea on how to use them with hi tensile wire. I've been cutting locust posts and there won't be enough for the whole farm. Posts at TSC are crappy and expensive. Anyone ever tried them, concrete that is? They used to be a big deal in the MidWest in...
  6. Scooby308

    Black Bears

    Anyone have experience with them and livestock? Was out this morning scouting the deer population with my Dobie, and found a large pile of scat. I saw 2 small ones here about 4 years ago. Sad part is the scat is right smack in the middle of the area I want to use as paddocks. I've dealt with...
  7. Scooby308

    Three little pigs...

    Seriously! Someone has dumped three pot bellied pigs on our road. I know they are a lard hog, but can you get any meat out of them? My wife said get them, you wanted pigs. I said no, I want hogs. Berkshires to be exact. Lol
  8. Scooby308

    Sweet gum, hickory, and oaks oh my: or building a browsing area.

    Been thinking about buck pens and browse in general. The plan is rotational grazing of hayfields with access to browse. Toying with the idea of the buck and a few whethers to move around the farm to clear those rough spots. This farm was established well over 100 years ago. It has seen tobacco...
  9. Scooby308

    Fencing by brand name

    Anyone had any experience with the Home Depot woven wire? I was wondering how it compares to the Tractor Supply brand.
  10. Scooby308

    Need to add calcium?

    I've heard of grinding eggs shells to feed chickens to add calcium for shell development. I saw this today as calcium for human supplement. I thought it was a pretty nifty idea. You could use this process to add calcium to you livestock diet...
  11. Scooby308

    Johnes Disease

    I've been very conscious of disease prevention as I've visited several farms. Take my boots off and bag them before I get inthe car to come home then clean them with bleach solution. The more I read on the disease the more worried I get. We have a huge deer and turkey population here that roam...
  12. Scooby308

    Two questions: rotational grazing and hay

    What would the minimum size of the paddocks be for 6 does be in a rotational system? The paddocks will consist of browse and pasture. My hay pasture consists of 1/3 mix alfalfa, red clover, and timothy. I've read some literature that says clover can be bad for dairy goats. That said, I've...
  13. Scooby308

    Mini nubians: anyone have them?

    Been looking for mini nubians F4 and up. Not many in this neck of the woods. I've been visiting farms with NDs and Nubians and want to give the minis a try. Anyone here have experience with the mini? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. Ideally breeding for polled genetics would be...
  14. Scooby308

    Polled homozygous

    Are there any breeders shooting for breeding polled homozygous Nigerian Dwarfs? I called 3 farms in KY today and they had no clue as to what I was talking about. And they claim their goats are registerable but they don't follow genetics? Just curious if any of you are shooting for this.
  15. Scooby308

    Taking down a barn

    Our old barn (well over 100) has finally rotted off its foundation and has a dangerous tilt. It is all mortise and tenon and peg. A piece of true craftsmanship. It is beyond repair. The question is how is the safest way to bring this down and salvage as much as possible? The plan is to build...
  16. Scooby308


    Yesterday it was 75 and sunny. The peeper, cheapers, creakers were all out last night raising a ruckus. 24 hours later there is a quarter inch of snow and the low is supposed to be 13. But those early spring amphibians are raising cane in the snow.
  17. Scooby308

    Do fish count?

    We started a small pond when dad got the farm many years ago. I stocked it with bluegill, crappie, and bass. We later added eight eight inch channel cats but only a couple survived. The kids with their cats and my two bass. The first was 22" the second was 19".
  18. Scooby308

    Electric fence DVD. Free

    Found this at TSC in front of the Zareba stuff. It has some fair info to help you learn the basics on fencing. Also help on figuring materials needed. It is not a one and done thing. But I thought it was nice for a freebie.
  19. Scooby308

    Road Horses

    My grandfather just last year still showing well into his 80's. I spent my summers on his horse farm and it was nothing to have all 60 stalls full. Picking that many stalls a day and working that many horses, you develop a love or a hate. I love horses.
  20. Scooby308

    Help with breed selection

    I have been planning on a dairy breed for some time but work and finances have been drawing me away from my plans of a farm. Now it appears that I may be up and ready by July of this year. I have a few questions. The farm has 10 acres of pasture that will be fenced with high tensile electric...