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  1. Toni87max

    Any day babies!

    I have now slept with my girl for 10 nights in minus 6 conditions. Took her to vets 2 days ago to be on safe side as i dont have exact date of breeding. Saw her mounted 25.8.18 so by my dates she would be 153 days. Had xrays and vet said she is due anytime but can induce today if no sign. She...
  2. Toni87max

    Any pregnancy advice?

    A few months ago i thought my doe was about to drop! Now 3 months later i can feel movement on the right side kicking my hand. Going by dates she could either be due from today or around 11th jan. Her vulva looks looser which i have a pic of and there seems to be pressure on the area. She has...
  3. Toni87max

    Any pooch experts please?

    Not sure if this is a season or not but pooch looks different especially her anus?
  4. Toni87max

    Pregnant or not?

    Having trouble trying to post pic but my girl had lost a milky discharge a few days ago. She lost twins over a year ago and showed no signs of delivering. No udder. Milk came in after. Keeoing close eye on her but not sure if this is a plug as had nothing last year? Any suggestions please. Will...